Table of alleles: Mouse (Mus musculus) TRGC

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gene name
Exons TRGC
allele name
Fct Strain Accession numbers Confirmed
Description of mutation
TRGC1 EX1 TRGC1*01 F BALB/c M13340 +  
EX2 TRGC1*01 F BALB/c M13341 +  
EX3 TRGC1*01 F BALB/c M13342 +  
TRGC2 EX1 TRGC2*01 F BALB/c M12834 +  
EX2 TRGC2*01 F BALB/c M12835 +  
EX3 TRGC2*01 F BALB/c M12836 +  
TRGC3 EX1 TRGC3*01 ORF BALB/c M12837   297^298       |321^322       |a329  ,N110  |t363  |a366  |a367  ,T123  |
TRGC3*02 P BALB/c AF037352   297^298>ins^c#|321^322>ins^c#|a329>c,N110>T|t363>c|a366>t|a367>c,T123>P|
EX2 TRGC3*01 ORF BALB/c M12838    
TRGC3*02 P BALB/c AF037352    
EX3 TRGC3*01 ORF BALB/c M12839    
TRGC3*02 P BALB/c AF037352    
TRGC4 EX1 TRGC4*01 F BALB/c AF021335 +  
EX2A TRGC4*01 F BALB/c L02340 +  
EX2B TRGC4*01 F BALB/c L02341 +  
EX3 TRGC4*01 F BALB/c AF021335    

Created: 02/06/2003
Author: Nathalie Bosc