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List of the mouse strains in IMGT Repertoire

Links to MGI mouse strain individual entries are provided in Gene tables and Tables of alleles (IMGT Repertoire).
Click here for Mouse strain H2 haplotypes.

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The nomenclature rules from the International Committee for Standardized Nomenclature for Mice state the following: "Most laboratory mice have contributions from both Mus musculus musculus and Mus musculus domesticus. There is evidence that smaller contributions may also have come from Mus musculus molossinus and Mus musculus castaneus. Therefore, they should not be referred to by species name, but rather as "laboratory mice" or by use of a specific strain or stock name. In addition, some recently developed laboratory mouse strains are derived wholly from other Mus species or subspecies, such as Mus spretus." Information communicated by Janan Eppig, MGI (28/03/2002).