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Chromosomal localization: human (Homo sapiens) TRG

The human (Homo sapiens) TRG locus is located on chromosome 7 [1,2], at band 7p14 [3].

The orientation of the human TRG locus on the chromosome is reverse (REV).
The orientation of the locus has been determined by the analysis of chromosome 7 inversions inv(7)(p14-q34), involving the TRG and TRB loci in ataxia telangiectasia patients, and in leukemia.

A vertical red line indicates the localization of the TRG locus at 7p14.
A blue arrow indicates the orientation 5' → 3' of the locus, and the gene group order in the locus. The blue arrow is proportional to the size of the locus, indicated in kilobases (kb). The total number of genes in the locus is shown between parentheses.

Chromosomal localization human TRG

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