IMGT Repertoire (IG and TR)

Gene table: Atlantic cod (Gadus morhua) IGIC

"+" or "-" indicates if the gene sequences have been found (+) or not been found (-) transcribed (T) and/or translated into protein (Pr). Arbitrarily that information is shown on the first line of each gene when the data have been confirmed by several studies.

Functionality is shown between parentheses, (F) and (P), when the accession number refers to rearranged genomic DNA or cDNA and the corresponding germline gene has not yet been isolated.
Functionality is shown between brackets, [F] and [P], when the accession number refers to genomic DNA, but not known as being germline or rearranged.

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Teleostei light chain type is Ig-Light-Iota (IGI).

IMGT gene name IMGT allele name Fct T Pr Positions in the locus IMGT/LIGM-DB reference sequences IMGT/LIGM-DB sequences from the literature
Strain Clone names Exons Accession numbers Positions in the sequence Secondary accession numbers Strain Clone names Accession numbers Positions in the sequence
IGIC1S1 IGIC1S1*01 F cHg L5 X68514 [1]
IGIC1S2 IGIC1S2*01 (F) cSg L2A X68515 [1] c
IGIC1S3 IGIC1S3*01 (F) cSg L6L X68516 [1] c
IGIC1S4 IGIC1S4*01 (F) cSg L16V X76517 [1] c
IGIC1S5 IGIC1S5*01 (F) cHg 1.1 X68511 [1] (1) c
IGIC1S6 IGIC1S6*01 (F) cHg L10 X68512 [1] (2) c
IGIC1S7 IGIC1S7*01 (F) cHg L2L X68513 [1] (3) c
IGIC1S8 IGIC1S8*01 F CgL10 10.1 AF104898 [2]
IGIC1S9 IGIC1S9*01 F CgL10 10.2 AF104898 [2] (4)
IGIC1S10 IGIC1S10*01 F CgL10 10.3 AF104898 [2]
IGIC1S11 IGIC1S11*01 F CgL5 5.1 AF104899 [2] (4)
IGIC1S12 IGIC1S12*01 F CgL5 5.2 AF104899 [2]
IGIC1S13 IGIC1S13*01 F CgL5 5.3 AF104899 [2]
IGIC4S1 IGIC4S1*01 F igl2 AJ293808 [3] c (st)
IGIC4S2 IGIC4S2*01 (F) igl2 AJ293807 [3] c

c: cDNA sequence.
(st): sterile transcript.

IMGT notes:
  1. (1) Partial C-REGION: 22 nucleotides are missing in 5'
  2. (2) Partial C-REGION: 175 nucleotides are missing in 5'
  3. (3) Partial C-REGION: 49 nucleotides are missing in 5'
  4. (4) The nucleotide sequences of CgL10 10.2 and CgL5 5.1 are identical but probably correspond to two different genes since the genomic maps are different
IMGT references:
  1. [1] Daggfeldt A. et al., Immunogenetics, 38, 199-209 (1993). PMID:8505063
  2. [2] Bengtén E. et al., Immunogenetics, 51, 647-658 (2000). PMID:10941836
  3. [3] Wermenstam N.E. and Pilstrom L., Unpublished (2000).
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