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Gene table: Japanese amberjack (Seriola quinqueradiata) IGIC

"+" or "-" indicates if the gene sequences have been found (+) or not been found (-) transcribed (T) and/or translated into protein (Pr). Arbitrarily that information is shown on the first line of each gene when the data have been confirmed by several studies.

Functionality is shown between parentheses, (F) and (P), when the accession number refers to rearranged genomic DNA or cDNA and the corresponding germline gene has not yet been isolated.
Functionality is shown between brackets, [F] and [P], when the accession number refers to genomic DNA, but not known as being germline or rearranged.

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Five-ray yellowtail (Seriola quinqueradiata) constant genes are designated by the locus three letter root, followed by the letter C, the subgroup number, the letter S and a number.

See Correspondence between nomenclatures: Teleostei IGIC

IMGT gene name IMGT allele name Fct T Pr Positions in the locus IMGT/LIGM-DB reference sequences IMGT/LIGM-DB sequences from the literature
Strain Clone names Exons Accession numbers Positions in the sequence Secondary accession numbers Strain Clone names Accession numbers Positions in the sequence
IGIC1S1 IGIC1S1*01 (F) CL01 AB062619 [1] c
IGIC1S2 IGIC1S2*01 (F) CL05 AB062623 [1] c
IGIC1S3 IGIC1S3*01 (F) CL06 AB062624 [1] c
IGIC1S4 IGIC1S4*01 (F) CL09 AB062627 [1] c
IGIC1S5 IGIC1S5*01 (F) CL10 AB062628 [1] c
IGIC1S6 IGIC1S6*01 (F) CL20 AB062637 [1] c
IGIC1S7 IGIC1S7*01 (F) CL22 AB062639 [1] c
IGIC1S8 IGIC1S8*01 (F) CL25 AB062642 [1] c
IGIC1S9 IGIC1S9*01 (F) CL28 AB062645 [1] c
IGIC1S10 IGIC1S10*01 (F) CL31 AB062648 [1] c
IGIC1S11 IGIC1S11*01 (F) CL32 AB062649 [1] c
IGIC1S12 IGIC1S12*01 (F) CL34 AB062651 [1] c
IGIC1S13 IGIC1S13*01 (F) CL35 AB062652 [1] c
IGIC1S14 IGIC1S14*01 (ORF) (1) CL36 AB062653 [1] (1) c
IGIC1S15 IGIC1S15*01 (F) CL40 AB062656 [1] c
IGIC1S16 IGIC1S16*01 (F) CL41 AB062657 [1] c
IGIC1S17 IGIC1S17*01 (P) (2) CL42 AB062658 [1] (2) c
IGIC1S18 IGIC1S18*01 (F) CL43 AB062659 [1] c
IGIC1S19 IGIC1S19*01 (F) CL44 AB062660 [1] c
IGIC1S20 IGIC1S20*01 (F) CL52 AB062667 [1] c
IGIC1S21 IGIC1S21*01 (F) CL54 AB064322 [1] c
IGIC1S22 IGIC1S22*01 (F) CL46 AB062662 [1] c
IGIC1S23 IGIC1S23*01 (F) CL07 AB062625 [1] (3) c
IGIC1S24 IGIC1S24*01 (ORF) (4) CL49 AB062664 [1] (4) c

c: cDNA sequence.

IMGT notes:
  1. (1) ORF because the 1st-CYS is not conserved.
  2. (2) Pseudogene because in frame STOP-CODON at codon 96 in E strand (positions 286-288 in IMGT unique numbering).
  3. (3) Partial C-REGION in 3' : AA 105 to 129 are missing.
  4. (4) ORF because CONSERVED-TRP is replaced by a Leucine.
IMGT references:
  1. [1] Okamoto K. et al., Fish Shellfish Immunol., 14, 55-70 (2003). PMID:12547626
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