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"+" or "-" indicates if the gene sequences have been found (+) or not been found (-) transcribed (T) and/or translated into protein (Pr). Arbitrarily that information is shown on the first line of each gene when the data have been confirmed by several studies.

Functionality is shown between parentheses, (F) and (P), when the accession number refers to rearranged genomic DNA or cDNA and the corresponding germline gene has not yet been isolated.
Functionality is shown between brackets, [F] and [P], when the accession number refers to genomic DNA, but not known as being germline or rearranged.

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IMGT gene name IMGT allele name Fct Serological
or Allotype
T Pr IMGT/LIGM-DB locus reference sequences IMGT/LIGM-DB sequences from the literature
Isolate Clone names Exons Accession numbers Positions in the sequence Secondary accession numbers Isolate Clone names Accession numbers Positions in the sequence
IGHA1 IGHA1*03 P (1) 14 LT578329.1 CH1 IMGT000078 MAP 1360416..1360721
H+CH2 IMGT000078 MAP 1360933..1361290
CH3 (including CHS) IMGT000078 MAP 1361513..1361904
M IMGT000078 MAP 1364685..1364896
IGHD IGHD*01 F 14 Kamilah CM017861.1 CH1 IMGT000074 MAP 1027972..1028271
H1 IMGT000074 MAP 1028735..1028836
H2 IMGT000074 MAP 1031699..1031770
CH2 IMGT000074 MAP 1032509..1032832
CH3 IMGT000074 MAP 1033043..1033366
CHS IMGT000074 MAP 1035305..1035330
M1 IMGT000074 MAP 1036131..1036288
M2 IMGT000074 MAP 1036573..1036578
IGHD*02 F 14 LT578329.1 CH1 IMGT000078 MAP 1167838..1168137
H1 IMGT000078 MAP 1168601..1168702
H2 IMGT000078 MAP 1171646..1171717
CH2 IMGT000078 MAP 1172456..1172779
CH3 IMGT000078 MAP 1172990..1173313
CHS IMGT000078 MAP 1175251..1175276
M1 IMGT000078 MAP 1176077..1176234
M2 IMGT000078 MAP 1176519..1176524
IGHEP1 IGHEP1*01 P (2) 14 LT578329.1 CH2 IMGT000078 MAP 1347752..1348007
CH3 IMGT000078 MAP 1348094..1348417
CH4 (including CHS) IMGT000078 MAP 1348501..1348829
M1 IMGT000078 MAP 1350912..1351033
M2 IMGT000078 MAP 1351118..1351198
IGHG1 IGHG1*02 P (7) 14 Kamilah CM017861.1 CH1 IMGT000074 MAP 1129476..1129769
CH2 IMGT000074 MAP 1130465..1130794
CH3 (including CHS) IMGT000074 MAP 1130892..1131211
M1 IMGT000074 MAP 1132508..1132638
M2 IMGT000074 MAP 1134554..1134634
IGHG1*03 F 14 LT578329.1 CH1 IMGT000078 MAP 1326744..1327037
H IMGT000078 MAP 1327429..1327473
CH2 IMGT000078 MAP 1327592..1327921
CH3 (including CHS) IMGT000078 MAP 1328019..1328338
M1 IMGT000078 MAP 1329633..1329763
M2 IMGT000078 MAP 1331901..1331981
IGHG3A IGHG3A*01 P (3) 14 Kamilah CM017861.1 CH1 IMGT000074 MAP 1101604..1101897
H1 IMGT000074 MAP 1102288..1102338
H2 IMGT000074 MAP 1102482..1102526
CH2 IMGT000074 MAP 1102645..1102974
CH3 (including CHS) IMGT000074 MAP 1103072..1103391
M1 IMGT000074 MAP 1104690..1104820
M2 IMGT000074 MAP 1107327..1107405
IGHG3A*02 P (4) 14 LT578329.1 CH1 IMGT000078 MAP 1242883..1243098
H1 IMGT000078 MAP 1243492..1243542
H2 IMGT000078 MAP 1243686..1243730
H3 IMGT000078 MAP 1243872..1243916
H4 IMGT000078 MAP 1244060..1244104
H5 IMGT000078 MAP 1244248..1244292
CH2 IMGT000078 MAP 1244411..1244740
CH3 (including CHS) IMGT000078 MAP 1244838..1245157
M1 IMGT000078 MAP 1246457..1246587
M2 IMGT000078 MAP 1248481..1248559
IGHG3B IGHG3B*01 P (5) 14 LT578329.1 CH1 IMGT000078 MAP 1271176..1271469
H1 IMGT000078 MAP 1271862..1271912
H2 IMGT000078 MAP 1272056..1272100
CH2 IMGT000078 MAP 1272219..1272547
CH3 (including CHS) IMGT000078 MAP 1272645..1272964
M1 IMGT000078 MAP 1274256..1274386
M2 IMGT000078 MAP 1276590..1276670
IGHG3C IGHG3C*01 P (6) 14 LT578329.1 CH1 IMGT000078 MAP 1298252..1298544
H1 IMGT000078 MAP 1298937..1298987
H2 IMGT000078 MAP 1299131..1299175
H3 IMGT000078 MAP 1299319..1299363
H4 IMGT000078 MAP 1299507..1299551
CH2 IMGT000078 MAP 1299670..1299999
CH3 (including CHS) IMGT000078 MAP 1300097..1300415
M1 IMGT000078 MAP 1301707..1301837
M2 IMGT000078 MAP 1303286..1303366
IGHGP IGHGP*02 P (6) 14 LT578329.1 CH1 IMGT000078 MAP 1405491..1405783
H IMGT000078 MAP 1406173..1406223
CH2 IMGT000078 MAP 1406339..1406668
CH3 (including CHS) IMGT000078 MAP 1406770..1407080
M1 IMGT000078 MAP 1408373..1408503
M2 IMGT000078 MAP 1411867..1411946
IGHM IGHM*01 F 14 Kamilah CM017861.1 CH1 IMGT000074 MAP 1017762..1018073 LT578329.1 IMGT000078 MAP 1157631..1157942
CH2 IMGT000074 MAP 1018164..1018499 LT578329.1 IMGT000078 MAP 1158033..1158368
CH3 IMGT000074 MAP 1018745..1019062 LT578329.1 IMGT000078 MAP 1158614..1158931
CH4 (including CHS) IMGT000074 MAP 1019242..1019633 LT578329.1 MAP IMGT000078 1159111..1159502
M1 IMGT000074 MAP 1021723..1021838 LT578329.1 IMGT000078 MAP 1161591..1161706
M2 IMGT000074 MAP 1022012..1022017 LT578329.1 IMGT000078 MAP 1161880..1161885

(s): trancript of a secreted chain.
(m): trancript of a membrane chain.

IMGT notes:
  1. (1) frameshift in H
  2. (2) no CH1, STOP-CODON in CH2
  3. (3) frameshift in M2
  4. (4) incomplete CH1 in 5' due to a gap, frameshift in M2
  5. (5) frameshift in CH2
  6. (6) frameshift in CH1
  7. (7) no H
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