IMGT Repertoire (IG and TR)

Gene table: Norway rat (Rattus norvegicus) IGLV

"+" or "-" indicates if the gene sequences have been found (+) or not been found (-) rearranged (R), transcribed (T) and/or translated into protein (Pr). Arbitrarily that information is shown on the first line of each gene when the data have been confirmed by several studies.

Functionality is shown between parentheses, (F) and (P), when the accession number refers to rearranged genomic DNA or cDNA and the corresponding germline gene has not yet been isolated.
Functionality is shown between brackets, [F] and [P], when the accession number refers to genomic DNA, but not known as being germline or rearranged.

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Positions in contigs: limits from the first nucleotide of V-REGION to the last nucleotide.

IMGT subgroup IMGT gene name IMGT allele name Fct R T Pr Positions in the locus IMGT/LIGM-DB reference sequences IMGT/LIGM-DB sequences from the literature
Strain Clone names Accession numbers Positions in the sequence Secondary accession numbers Strain Clone names Accession numbers Positions in the sequence
IGLV1 IGLV1S1 IGLV1S1*01 F + BN/SsNHsdMCW AABR03078283 28839-29132 Sprague-Dawley pEJ1 M17092 [1] 400-693
IGLV2 IGLV2S1 IGLV2S1*01 F + BN/SsNHsdMCW AABR03078283 65417-65719
IGLV3 IGLV3S1 IGLV3S1*01 F + BN/SsNHsdMCW AABR03078283 105325-105621
IGLV3S2 IGLV3S2*01 F + BN/SsNHsdMCW AABR03078979 23502-23798
IGLV3S3 IGLV3S3*01 F BN/SsNHsdMCW AABR03078834 21325-21621
IGLV3S4 IGLV3S4*01 F BN/SsNHsdMCW CH230-280C3 AC109901 137299-137595 BN/SsNHsdMCW AABR03078233 (1) 108-404
IGLV3S5 IGLV3S5*01 F + BN/SsNHsdMCW CH230-280C3 AC109901 122770-123066 BN/SsNHsdMCW AABR03078233 (1) 14637-14933
IGLV4 IGLV4S1 IGLV4S1*01 F CH230-117L19 AC133058 133011-133299
IMGT notes:
  1. (1) V-GENE is partial in 5' side because of L-PART1 is missing.
IMGT references:
  1. [1] Steen M.L. et al., Gene, 55, 75-84 (1987). PMID:3114047
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