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Correspondence between nomenclatures: bovine (Bos taurus) IGHV

Correspondence between IMGT gene names and clone names is available in Gene tables: bovine (Bos taurus)

Correspondence between the different gene nomenclatures

Bovine IGHV genes are listed from 5' (top of the table) to 3' (bottom of the table).

IMGT gene name [1] (1) Ma et al. [2]
IGHV3-47 VH3-14
IGHV1-46 VH1-15p
IGHV2-45 VH2-17
IGHV3-44 VH3-13
IGHV1-43 VH1-14p
IGHV2-42 VH2-16
IGHV3-41 VH3-12
IGHV3-40 VH3-11
IGHV1-39 VH1-13
IGHV2-38 VH2-15
IGHV1-37 VH1-12
IGHV2-36 VH2-14
IGHV2-35 VH2-13
IGHV3-34 VH3-10
IGHV1-33 VH1-11
IGHV1-32 VH1-10p
IGHV2-31 VH2-12
IGHV1-30 VH1-9
IGHV2-29 VH2-11
IGHV3-28 VH3-9
IGHV1-27 VH1-8
IGHV2-26 VH2-10
IGHV1-25 VH1-7
IGHV2-24 VH2-9
IGHV2-23 VH2-8
IGHV3-22 VH3-9
IGHV1-21 VH1-6
IGHV1-20 VH1-5
IGHV2-19 VH2-7
IGHV3-18 VH3-8
IGHV1-17 VH1-4
IGHV2-16 VH2-6
IGHV3-15 VH3-7
IGHV1-14 VH1-3
IGHV2-13 VH2-5
IGHV2-12 VH2-4
IGHV3-11 VH3-6
IGHV1-10 VH1-2
IGHV2-9 VH2-3
IGHV3-8 VH3-5
IGHV1-7 VH1-1
IGHV2-6 VH2-2
IGHV2-5 VH2-1
IGHV3-4 VH3-4
IGHV3-3 VH3-3
IGHV3-2 VH3-2
IGHV3-1 VH3-1
IMGT notes:
  1. (1) IGHV genes are designated by a number for the subgroup, followed by an hyphen and a number for the localization from 3' to 5' in the locus [3-4].
IMGT references:
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