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Correspondence between IMGT gene names and clone names is available in Gene tables: Human (Homo sapiens)

Correspondence between the different gene nomenclatures

All the IMGT human IG and TR gene name have been approved by the HUGO Nomenclature Commitee in 1999 and entered in the Genome Database and into Entrez Gene at NCBI, USA.

Human IGKV genes are listed from 3' (top of the table) to 5' (bottom of the table).

Proximal V-CLUSTER
from 3' (top of left column) to 5' (bottom of left column)(1-3)
from 3' (bottom of right column) to 5' (top of right column)(1-3)
IMGT gene name [1-2] Zachau's group [3] IMGT gene name [1-2] Zachau's group [3]
IGKV4-1 B3    
IGKV5-2 B2    
IGKV7-3 B1    
IGKV2-4 L13    
IGKV1-5 L12, L12a    
IGKV1-6 L11    
IGKV3-7 L10, L10a IGKV3D-7 L25
IGKV1-8 L9 IGKV1D-8 L24, L24a
    IGKV1D-43 L23, L23a
    IGKV1D-42 L22
IGKV1-9 L8    
IGKV2-10 L7 IGKV2D-10 L21
IGKV3-11 L6, L6a IGKV3D-11 L20
IGKV1-12 L5 IGKV1D-12 L19
IGKV1-13 L4 IGKV1D-13 L18
IGKV2-14 L3 IGKV2D-14 L17
IGKV3-15 L2 IGKV3D-15 L16, L16a, L16b, L16c
IGKV1-16 L1 IGKV1D-16 L15, L15a
IGKV1-17 A30 IGKV1D-17 L14
    IGKV6D-41 A14
IGKV2-18 A29 IGKV2D-18 A13
IGKV2-19 A28 IGKV2D-19 A12
IGKV3-20 A27, A27a IGKV3D-20 A11, A11a
IGKV6-21 A26 IGKV6D-21 A10
IGKV1-22 A25 IGKV1D-22 A9
IGKV2-23 A24 IGKV2D-23 A8
IGKV2-24 A23 IGKV2D-24 A7
IGKV3-25 A22 IGKV3D-25 A6
IGKV2-26 A21 IGKV2D-26 A5
IGKV1-27 A20 IGKV1D-27 A4, A4a
IGKV2-28 A19 IGKV2D-28 A3
IGKV2-29 A18a, A18b IGKV2D-29 A2a, A2c
IGKV2-30 A17 IGKV2D-30 A1
IGKV3-31 A16, A16a IGKV3D-31 O10
IGKV1-32 A15, A15a IGKV1D-32 O9
IGKV1-33 O18, O18a IGKV1D-33 O8
IGKV3-34 O17 IGKV3D-34 O7
IGKV1-35 O16 IGKV1D-35 O6
IGKV2-36 O15 IGKV2D-36 O5
IGKV1-37 O14 IGKV1D-37 O4
IGKV2-38 O13 IGKV2D-38 O3
IGKV1-39 O12, O12a IGKV1D-39 O2
IGKV2-40 O11, O11a IGKV2D-40 O1
IMGT notes:
  1. (1) IGLV genes are designated by a number for the subgroup, followed by a dash and a number for the localisation from 3' to 5' in the locus [1-2].
  2. (2) Pseudogenes, which could not be assigned to subgroups with functional genes are designated by a roman number between parentheses, corresponding to the clans, followed by a dash and a number for the localisation from 3' to 5' in the locus. Clans comprise, respectively:
    • clan I: IGLV1, IGLV2, IGLV6 and IGLV10 subgroup genes, and pseudogenes IGLV(I)-20, -38, -42, -56, -63, -68 and -70
    • clan II: IGLV3 subgroup genes
    • clan III: IGLV7 and IGLV8 subgroup genes
    • clan IV: IGLV5 and IGLV11 subgroup genes, and pseudogenes IGLV(IV)-53, -59, -64, -65 and -66-1
    • clan V: IGLV4 and IGLV9 subgroup genes, and pseudogenes IGLV(V)-58 and -66
    • clan VI: pseudogenes IGLV(VI)-22-1 and -25-1
    • clan VII: pseudogene IGLV(VII)-41-1
IMGT references:
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