IMGT Repertoire (IG and TR)

Correspondence between nomenclatures: Human (Homo sapiens) IGLV

Correspondence between IMGT gene names and clone names is available in Gene tables: Human (Homo sapiens)

Correspondence between the different gene nomenclatures

All the IMGT human IG and TR gene name have been approved by the HUGO Nomenclature Commitee in 1999 and entered in the Genome Database and into Entrez Gene at NCBI, USA.

Human IGLV genes are listed from 3' (top of the table) to 5' (bottom of the table).

IMGT gene name [1-2] Frippiat et al. [3] Williams
Frippiat et al. [4]
Kawasaki et al. [5]
IGLV3-1 3r 2-1
IGLV3-2 3q 2-2P
IGLV4-3 4c 5-1
IGLV3-4   2-3P
IGLV2-5 2a1 1-1P
IGLV3-6 3a2 2-4P
IGLV3-7 3n 2-5P
IGLV2-8 2c 1-2
IGLV3-9 3j 2-6
IGLV3-10 3p 2-7
IGLV2-11 2e 1-3
IGLV3-12 3i 2-8
IGLV3-13 3f 2-9P
IGLV2-14 2a2 1-4
IGLV3-15   2-10P
IGLV3-16 3a 2-11
IGLV3-17 3g 2-12P
IGLV2-18 2d 1-5
IGLV3-19 3l 2-13
IGLV(I)-20   1-6P
IGLV3-21 3h 2-14
IGLV3-22 3e 2-15
IGLV(VI)-22-1 lambdavg2  
IGLV2-23 2b2 1-7
IGLV3-24 3d 2-16P
IGLV3-25 3m 2-17
IGLV(VI)-25-1 lambdavg3  
IGLV3-26 3b 2-18P
IGLV3-27   2-19
IGLV2-28 2b1 1-8P
IGLV3-29 3c 2-20P
IGLV3-30 3o 2-21P
IGLV3-31 3k 2-22P
IGLV3-32 3i1 2-23P
IGLV2-33 2f 1-9
IGLV2-34   1-10P
IGLV7-35 7c 3-1P
IGLV1-36 1a 1-11
IGLV5-37 5e 4-1
IGLV(I)-38   1-12P
IGLV5-39 5a  
IGLV1-40 1e 1-13
IGLV1-41 1d 1-14P
IGLV(VII)-41-1 lambdavg1  
IGLV(I)-42 V lambda A 1-15P
IGLV7-43 7a 3-2
IGLV1-44 1c 1-16
IGLV5-45 5c 4-2
IGLV7-46 7b 3-3
IGLV1-47 1g 1-17
IGLV5-48 5d 4-3
IGLV9-49 9a 5-2
IGLV1-50 1f 1-18
IGLV1-51 1b 1-19
IGLV5-52 5b 4-4
IGLV(IV)-53   4-5P
IGLV10-54 10a 1-20
IGLV11-55   4-6
IGLV(I)-56   1-21P
IGLV6-57 6a 1-22
IGLV(V)-58   5-3P
IGLV(IV)-59   4-7P
IGLV4-60 4a 5-4
IGLV8-61 8a 3-4
IGLV1-62   1-23P
IGLV(I)-63   1-24P
IGLV(IV)-64   4-8P
IGLV(IV)-65   4-9P
IGLV(V)-66   5-5P
IGLV10-67 10b 1-25P
IGLV(I)-68   1-26P
IGLV4-69 4b 5-6
IGLV(I)-70   1-27P
IMGT notes:
  1. (1) IGHV(V) genes are designated by a number for the subgroup, followed by an hyphen and a number for the localization from 3' to 5' in the locus [1-2].
  2. (2) Pseudogenes, which could not be assigned to subgroups with functional genes are designated by a roman number between parentheses, corresponding to the clans, followed by an hyphen and a number (followed, if necessary, by a second hyphen and number) for the localization from 3' to 5' in the locus. Clans comprise, respectively:
    • clan I: IGHV1, IGHV5 and IGLH7 subgroup genes
    • clan II: IGHV2, IGHV4 and IGHV6 subgroup genes and pseudogenes IGHV(II)
    • clan III: IGHV3 subgroup genes and pseudogenes IGHV(III)
    • clan IV: one pseudogene IGHV(IV)-44.
IMGT references:
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