Collier de Perles: Mouse (Mus musculus) IGH V-D-J REGION from 231 (PDB: 1igt_D)

IMGT/3Dstructure-DB card: 1igt

Mouse rearranged IGH V-D-J2 REGION [8.8.11]

The Collier de Perles (in space) shows on the forefront the strands located at the interface with the the Ig-Light chain V-DOMAIN. Hydrogen bonds between these strands (G, F, C, C', C'') are represented by green lines. On the back are shown the strands located on the external face of the Ig-Heavy chain V-DOMAIN.


Created: 19/12/97
Last updated: Tuesday, 15-Nov-2011 12:03:14 CET
Author: Manuel Ruiz