Citing IMGT databases: Manso T. et al. IMGT® databases, related tools and web resources through three main axes of research and development. Nucleic Acids Res. 2022 Jan 7;50(D1):D1262-D1272. doi: 10.1093/nar/gkab1136 PMID: 34875068 Free PMC article.
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Bibliographical references in alphabetic order, small design changes and addition of "NL" for non-localized gene.
June 14th, 2024.

Addition of 'Score for IMGT allele confirmation' as well as NCBI TPA accession numbers.
September 20th, 2023.

Implementation of the dynamic gene table.

Gene table legend:

"+" or "-" indicates if the gene sequences have been found (+) or not been found (-) rearranged (R), transcribed (T) and/or translated into protein (Pr). Arbitrarily that information is shown on the first line of each gene, when the data have been confirmed by several studies.

Functionality is shown in parentheses, (F) and (P), when the accession number refers to rearranged genomic DNA or cDNA and the corresponding germline gene has not yet been isolated.

IMGT allele confirmation: a scoring system is employed to signify the frequency of occurrences of a specific allele within sequence data. A single star (*) indicates that no instances of the allele have been identified in the literature. Two stars (**) indicate the discovery of one literature sequence containing the allele. If more than one literature sequence is found to contain the allele, it is designated with three stars (***). In the Excel file, the stars are represented by the plus symbol (+).

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Gene table of naked mole-rat (Heterocephalus glaber) TRAJ IMGT group:
IMGT gene nameIMGT allele nameScore for
IMGT allele
R T PrIMGT/LIGM-DB reference sequencesIMGT/LIGM-DB sequences from the literature
Clone namesIsolateAccession
in the sequence
or J-REGION (*)
Clone namesIsolateAccession
in the sequence
or J-REGION (*)
TRAJ2 TRAJ2*01 (1) BK064754 [1] MAP 1351640-1351733 MEF-2018 IMGT000071 1745588-1745681
TRAJ3 TRAJ3*01 ORF (2) BK064754 [1] MAP 1351107-1351196 MEF-2018 IMGT000071 1745055-1745144
TRAJ4 TRAJ4*01 F BK064754 [1] MAP 1350176-1350266 MEF-2018 IMGT000071 1744124-1744214
TRAJ5 TRAJ5*01 F BK064754 [1] MAP 1346847-1346934 MEF-2018 IMGT000071 1740723-1740810
TRAJ6 TRAJ6*01 ORF (3) BK064754 [1] MAP 1345852-1345941 MEF-2018 IMGT000071 1739728-1739817
TRAJ7 TRAJ7*01 F BK064754 [1] MAP 1344507-1344593 MEF-2018 IMGT000071 1738383-1738469
TRAJ8 TRAJ8*01 F BK064754 [1] MAP 1342934-1343021 MEF-2018 IMGT000071 1736810-1736897
TRAJ9 TRAJ9*01 F BK064754 [1] MAP 1342349-1342437 MEF-2018 IMGT000071 1736225-1736313
TRAJ10 TRAJ10*01 F BK064754 [1] MAP 1340761-1340850 MEF-2018 IMGT000071 1734638-1734727
TRAJ11 TRAJ11*01 F BK064754 [1] MAP 1339655-1339742 MEF-2018 IMGT000071 1733532-1733619
TRAJ12 TRAJ12*01 ORF (4) BK064754 [1] MAP 1339093-1339180 MEF-2018 IMGT000071 1732970-1733057
TRAJ13 TRAJ13*01 F BK064754 [1] MAP 1338255-1338345 MEF-2018 IMGT000071 1732131-1732221
TRAJ14 TRAJ14*01 F BK064754 [1] MAP 1337367-1337446 MEF-2018 IMGT000071 1731243-1731322
TRAJ15 TRAJ15*01 F BK064754 [1] MAP 1336595-1336682 MEF-2018 IMGT000071 1730471-1730558
TRAJ16 TRAJ16*01 F BK064754 [1] MAP 1335609-1335696 MEF-2018 IMGT000071 1729485-1729572
TRAJ17 TRAJ17*01 F BK064754 [1] MAP 1334249-1334339 MEF-2018 IMGT000071 1728125-1728215
TRAJ18 TRAJ18*01 ORF (5) BK064754 [1] MAP 1333131-1333224 MEF-2018 IMGT000071 1727007-1727100
TRAJ19 TRAJ19*01 (6) BK064754 [1] MAP 1332747-1332830 MEF-2018 IMGT000071 1726649-1726706 *
TRAJ20 TRAJ20*01 F BK064754 [1] MAP 1331800-1331884 MEF-2018 IMGT000071 1725676-1725760
TRAJ21 TRAJ21*01 ORF (7) BK064754 [1] MAP 1331066-1331148 MEF-2018 IMGT000071 1724942-1725024
TRAJ22 TRAJ22*01 F BK064754 [1] MAP 1329516-1329606 MEF-2018 IMGT000071 1723392-1723482
TRAJ23 TRAJ23*01 ORF (8) BK064754 [1] MAP 1328094-1328183 MEF-2018 IMGT000071 1721970-1722059
TRAJ24 TRAJ24*01 F BK064754 [1] MAP 1327638-1327728 MEF-2018 IMGT000071 1721513-1721603
TRAJ25 TRAJ25*01 F BK064754 [1] MAP 1326781-1326868 MEF-2018 IMGT000071 1720656-1720743
TRAJ26 TRAJ26*01 F BK064754 [1] MAP 1326415-1326502 MEF-2018 IMGT000071 1720290-1720377
TRAJ27 TRAJ27*01 F BK064754 [1] MAP 1324275-1324361 MEF-2018 IMGT000071 1718150-1718236
TRAJ28 TRAJ28*01 F BK064754 [1] MAP 1323626-1323719 MEF-2018 IMGT000071 1717501-1717594
TRAJ29 TRAJ29*01 F BK064754 [1] MAP 1322172-1322259 MEF-2018 IMGT000071 1716047-1716134
TRAJ30 TRAJ30*01 F BK064754 [1] MAP 1321094-1321180 MEF-2018 IMGT000071 1714969-1715055
TRAJ31 TRAJ31*01 F BK064754 [1] MAP 1319228-1319312 MEF-2018 IMGT000071 1713103-1713187
TRAJ32 TRAJ32*01 F BK064754 [1] MAP 1317647-1317740 MEF-2018 IMGT000071 1711522-1711615
TRAJ33 TRAJ33*01 F BK064754 [1] MAP 1316921-1317005 MEF-2018 IMGT000071 1710796-1710880
TRAJ34 TRAJ34*01 F BK064754 [1] MAP 1316233-1316318 MEF-2018 IMGT000071 1710108-1710193
TRAJ35 TRAJ35*01 ORF (9) BK064754 [1] MAP 1315230-1315320 MEF-2018 IMGT000071 1709105-1709195
TRAJ36 TRAJ36*01 F BK064754 [1] MAP 1313731-1313820 MEF-2018 IMGT000071 1707606-1707695
TRAJ37 TRAJ37*01 ORF (10) BK064754 [1] MAP 1312931-1313018 MEF-2018 IMGT000071 1706807-1706894
TRAJ38 TRAJ38*01 ORF (11) BK064754 [1] MAP 1311308-1311397 MEF-2018 IMGT000071 1705184-1705273
TRAJ39 TRAJ39*01 F BK064754 [1] MAP 1310679-1310769 MEF-2018 IMGT000071 1704555-1704645
TRAJ40 TRAJ40*01 F BK064754 [1] MAP 1308885-1308972 MEF-2018 IMGT000071 1702761-1702848
TRAJ41 TRAJ41*01 F BK064754 [1] MAP 1307178-1307266 MEF-2018 IMGT000071 1701054-1701142
TRAJ42 TRAJ42*01 ORF (12) BK064754 [1] MAP 1306638-1306729 MEF-2018 IMGT000071 1700514-1700605
TRAJ43 TRAJ43*01 F BK064754 [1] MAP 1305835-1305919 MEF-2018 IMGT000071 1699711-1699795
TRAJ44 TRAJ44*01 F BK064754 [1] MAP 1304767-1304857 MEF-2018 IMGT000071 1698644-1698734
TRAJ45 TRAJ45*01 F BK064754 [1] MAP 1303953-1304043 MEF-2018 IMGT000071 1697830-1697920
TRAJ46 TRAJ46*01 (1) BK064754 [1] MAP 1303434-1303522 MEF-2018 IMGT000071 1697311-1697399
TRAJ47 TRAJ47*01 F BK064754 [1] MAP 1302891-1302975 MEF-2018 IMGT000071 1696768-1696852
TRAJ48 TRAJ48*01 F BK064754 [1] MAP 1300723-1300811 MEF-2018 IMGT000071 1694599-1694687
TRAJ49 TRAJ49*01 F BK064754 [1] MAP 1299964-1300047 MEF-2018 IMGT000071 1693840-1693923
TRAJ50 TRAJ50*01 F BK064754 [1] MAP 1299080-1299167 MEF-2018 IMGT000071 1692956-1693043
TRAJ51 TRAJ51*01 ORF (13) BK064754 [1] MAP 1297705-1297798 MEF-2018 IMGT000071 1691581-1691674
TRAJ52 TRAJ52*01 F BK064754 [1] MAP 1296762-1296858 MEF-2018 IMGT000071 1690638-1690734
TRAJ53 TRAJ53*01 F BK064754 [1] MAP 1293480-1293573 MEF-2018 IMGT000071 1687357-1687450
TRAJ54 TRAJ54*01 F BK064754 [1] MAP 1292814-1292900 MEF-2018 IMGT000071 1686691-1686777
TRAJ56 TRAJ56*01 F BK064754 [1] MAP 1290081-1290170 MEF-2018 IMGT000071 1683958-1684047
TRAJ57 TRAJ57*01 F BK064754 [1] MAP 1289392-1289481 MEF-2018 IMGT000071 1683269-1683358
TRAJ58 TRAJ58*01 F BK064754 [1] MAP 1288204-1288294 MEF-2018 IMGT000071 1682081-1682171
TRAJ59 TRAJ59*01 (14) BK064754 [1] MAP 1287079-1287165 MEF-2018 IMGT000071 1680956-1681042
TRAJ60 TRAJ60*01 (14) BK064754 [1] MAP 1286833-1286917 MEF-2018 IMGT000071 1680710-1680794
TRAJ61 TRAJ61*01 ORF (15) BK064754 [1] MAP 1285826-1285913 MEF-2018 IMGT000071 1679703-1679790

✤ : NCBI accession number that correspond to a previously internal IMGT accession number. See the correspondence table.

IMGT notes:
  1. frameshift in J-REGION
  2. noncanonical J-NONAMER: ggttatcac instead of ggtttttgt, noncanonical J-HEPTAMER: tgaagtg instead of cactgtg
  3. noncanonical J-NONAMER: agatttatc instead of ggtttttgt
  4. noncanonical J-NONAMER: ggtttgggg instead of ggtttttgt
  5. noncanonical J-NONAMER: ggttcattt instead of ggtttttgt
  6. no J-RS
  7. noncanonical J-NONAMER: acttttgc instead of ggtttttgt
  8. noncanonical J-NONAMER: tgtttctga instead of ggtttttgt
  9. noncanonical J-MOTIF: FGXS instead of FGXG
  10. noncanonical J-HEPTAMER: attagtg instead of cactgtg
  11. noncanonical J-NONAMER: cgtttccat instead of ggtttttgt
  12. noncanonical J-HEPTAMER: atgactg instead of cactgtg
  13. noncanonical J-HEPTAMER: tgcaggg instead of cactgtg, noncanonical J-NONAMER: gtcggtcgt instead of ggtttttgt, unexpected J-SPACER length: 15 nt instead of 12 nt, noncanonical J-MOTIF: FGXR instead of FGXG, noncanonical DONOR-SPLICE: nga instead of ngt
  14. STOP-CODON in J-REGION, frameshift in J-REGION
  15. noncanonical DONOR-SPLICE: ngc instead of ngt, noncanonical J-MOTIF: FGXT instead of FGXG, noncanonical J-HEPTAMER: tcctgcg instead of cactgtg
IMGT references:
  1. Manso,T. et al., IMGT(R) databases, related tools and web resources through three main axes of research and development, Nucleic Acids Res, vol. 50, no. D1, 2022, pp. D1262-D1272. PUBMED: 34875068