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IG major loci: Mouse

There are 3 major loci for the immunoglobulin (IG) genes.

IMGT loci and links with MGI and NCBI Gene

IMGT locus name IMGT locus definition Chromosomal localization MGI NCBI Gene
IGH locus Immunoglobulin heavy locus 12 (58.0 cM) MGI:96442 111507
IGK locus Immunoglobulin kappa locus 6 (30.0 cM) MGI:96494 243469
IGL locus Immunoglobulin lambda locus 16 (13.0 cM) MGI:96526 111519

Portail to gene content in Germline gene tables

Genes of the mouse IG loci belong to ten groups:

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