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TR major loci: Human

There are 4 major loci for the T cell receptor (TR) genes and 1 TR chromosomal orphon set [1].

IMGT major loci and links with HGNC, NCBI Gene and OMIM

IMGT locus name IMGT locus definition Chromosomal localization HGNC NCBI Gene OMIM
TRA locus T cell receptor alpha locus 14q11.2 TRA 6955 186880
TRB locus T cell receptor beta locus 7q34 TRB 6957 186930
TRG locus T cell receptor gamma locus 7p14 TRG 6965 186970
TRD locus T cell receptor delta locus 14q11.2 TRD 6964 186810

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Genes of the human TR loci belong to fourteen groups

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IMGT Reference:
[1] Lefranc, M.-P. and Lefranc, G., The T cell receptor FactsBook, Academic Press, 398 pages (2001) ISBN:0124413528.
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