Assignment of rearranged cDNAs and gDNAs to germline genes: Mouse (Mus musculus) TRDV

In this table are listed the rearranged complementary DNAs (cDNAs) and genomic DNAs (gDNAs) which are quoted in Arden, B. et al., Immunogenetics, 42, 501-530 (1995), or which represent potential new alleles without known germline sequences.

Rearranged cDNAs (#c) and gDNAs (#g) TRDV sequences have been assigned to IMGT TRDV genes and alleles as described in Germline gene tables, Alignments of alleles and Tables of alleles. Assignments were performed using IMGT/V-QUEST.

References are presented chronologically whenever possible.
Click here for correspondence between nomenclatures.

The 10 TRAV/DV genes which belong to 7 TRAV subgroups are reported in the Assignment of rearranged cDNAs and gDNAs to germline TRAV Mouse (Mus musculus).

gene name
Reference sequences Rearranged cDNAs and gDNAs CDR lengths JUNCTION(1)
Allele name Accession
Clone name Strain Accession numbers
TRDV1 TRDV1*01 M94080 M11 BALB/c X63938 [1]#c [5.3.x] -
M11 BALB/c x 129 (F1) M37291 [2]p5'#c [x.x.x] -
TRDV2-2 TRDV2-2*01 AC003993 DN4 BALB/c x 129 (F1) M37280 [2]#c [7.3.18] +
KN12-D1 C57BL/6 AJ271436 [6]#c [7.3.x]  
TRDV2-2*02 U28810 °   B10.A U28810 [8]° [7.3.x]  
TRDV3 TRDV3*01 AC005835 3 BALB/c x C57BL/6 (F1) X99244 [9]p5'#c [x.x.x] -
TRDV4 TRDV4*01 AC003057 M21 BALB/c X63934 [1]#g [8.3.x]  
7-17.1 AKR/J M23545 [4]#c [8.3.15] +
T245/BW C3H M26449 [7]#c [8.3.15] +
7.1 C57BL/6 X13314 [3]#c [8.3.15] +
M2 BALB/c x 129 (F1) M37288 [2]p5'#c [x.x.x] -
M9 BALB/c x 129 (F1) M37289 [2]p5'#c [x.x.x] -
M16 BALB/c x 129 (F1) M37290[2]p5'#c [x.x.11] +
M2 BALB/c X63935 [1]p5'#c [8.3.x] -
M9 BALB/c X63936 [1]#c [8.3.x] -
M16 BALB/c X63937 [1]p5'#c [8.3.11] +
TRDV5 TRDV5*02 M23095 7.3cDNA-2 C57BL/6 M23096 [5]#c [7.5.x]  
7.3cDNA-1 C57BL/6 M23097 [5]#c [7.5.x]  
7.3 C57BL/6 X13315 [3]#c [7.5.16] +
TRDV5*03 M64239 Z72 BALB/c x 129 (F1) M37282 [2]#c [7.5.16] +
Z35 BALB/c x 129 (F1) M37283 [2]#c [7.5.16] +
Z14 BALB/c x 129 (F1) M37284 [2](2)p5'#c [x.x.14] +
TRDV5*04 M37281 #c Z44 BALB/c x 129 (F1) M37281 [2]#c [7.5.15] +
p5': partial in 5' (more than 10 amino acids missing in 5')
#c: rearranged cDNA, #g: rearranged genomic DNA,
° DNA genomic sequence, but not known as being germline or rearranged.

IMGT notes:
(1)+ indicates in-frame JUNCTION, - indicates out-of-frame JUNCTION, a blank indicates not defined JUNCTION.
(2)The sequence being partial, it is not possible to decide if the gene belongs to allele *02,*03 or *04.

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[2] Elliott, J.F. et al., Nature, 331, 627-631 (1988).
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