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"+" or "-" indicates if the gene sequences have been found (+) or not been found (-) rearranged (R), transcribed (T) and/or translated into protein (Pr). Arbitrarily that information is shown on the first line of each gene when the data have been confirmed by several studies.

Functionality is shown between parentheses, (F) and (P), when the accession number refers to rearranged genomic DNA or cDNA and the corresponding germline gene has not yet been isolated.
Functionality is shown between brackets, [F] and [P], when the accession number refers to genomic DNA, but not known as being germline or rearranged.

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Strain assessment for mouse (Mus musculus) IGKV genes and alleles

ref IMGT/LIGM-DB reference sequences
lit IMGT/LIGM-DB sequences from the literature
IMGT subgroup IMGT gene name IMGT allele name Fct Strains
IGKV1 IGKV1-35 IGKV1-35*01 ORF ref
IGKV1-88 IGKV1-88*01 F ref
IGKV1-99 IGKV1-99*01 F ref
IGKV1-108 IGKV1-108*01 P ref
IGKV1-110 IGKV1-110*01 F lit ref lit
IGKV1-110*02 F ref
IGKV1-115 IGKV1-115*01 P ref
IGKV1-117 IGKV1-117*01 F ref lit lit
IGKV1-117*02 F ref
IGKV1-122 IGKV1-122*01 F lit ref lit
IGKV1-131 IGKV1-131*01 ORF ref
IGKV1-132 IGKV1-132*01 F ref
IGKV1-133 IGKV1-133*01 F ref lit
IGKV1-135 IGKV1-135*01 F ref lit
IGKV1-136 IGKV1-136*01 P ref
IGKV2 IGKV2-93-1 IGKV2-93-1*01 P ref
IGKV2-95-1 IGKV2-95-1*01 P ref
IGKV2-95-2 IGKV2-95-2*01 P ref
IGKV2-105 IGKV2-105*01 P ref
IGKV2-107 IGKV2-107*01 P ref
IGKV2-109 IGKV2-109*01 F ref
IGKV2-109*02 F ref
IGKV2-109*03 F
IGKV2-109*04 F
IGKV2-112 IGKV2-112*01 F ref lit lit
IGKV2-112*02 F
IGKV2-113 IGKV2-113*01 P ref
IGKV2-116 IGKV2-116*01 P ref
IGKV2-137 IGKV2-137*01 F ref
IGKV2-137*02 P
IGKV2-a IGKV2-a*01 F ref
IGKV2-f IGKV2-f*01 P
IGKV2-f*02 P
IGKV2-f*03 P
IGKV3 IGKV3-1 IGKV3-1*01 F ref
IGKV3-2 IGKV3-2*01 F ref
IGKV3-3 IGKV3-3*01 F ref
IGKV3-4 IGKV3-4*01 F ref
IGKV3-5 IGKV3-5*01 F ref
IGKV3-6 IGKV3-6*01 P ref
IGKV3-7 IGKV3-7*01 F ref
IGKV3-8 IGKV3-8*01 P ref
IGKV3-9 IGKV3-9*01 F ref
IGKV3-10 IGKV3-10*01 F ref
IGKV3-11 IGKV3-11*01 P ref
IGKV3-12 IGKV3-12*01 F ref
IGKV3-12-1 IGKV3-12-1*01 P ref lit
IGKV4 IGKV4-50 IGKV4-50*01 F ref
IGKV4-51 IGKV4-51*01 F ref lit
IGKV4-52 IGKV4-52*01 ORF ref
IGKV4-53 IGKV4-53*01 F ref
IGKV4-54 IGKV4-54*01 ORF ref
IGKV4-55 IGKV4-55*01 F ref lit
IGKV4-56 IGKV4-56*01 P ref lit
IGKV4-57 IGKV4-57*01 F ref lit
IGKV4-57-1 IGKV4-57-1*01 F ref
IGKV4-58 IGKV4-58*01 F lit lit ref
IGKV4-59 IGKV4-59*01 F ref lit lit
IGKV4-60 IGKV4-60*01 P lit ref lit
IGKV4-61 IGKV4-61*01 F ref lit
IGKV4-62 IGKV4-62*01 ORF ref lit
IGKV4-63 IGKV4-63*01 F ref lit
IGKV4-65 IGKV4-65*01 P ref
IGKV4-68 IGKV4-68*01 F ref
IGKV4-69 IGKV4-69*01 F ref
IGKV4-70 IGKV4-70*01 F ref
IGKV4-71 IGKV4-71*01 F ref
IGKV4-72 IGKV4-72*01 F ref
IGKV4-73 IGKV4-73*01 F ref
IGKV4-74 IGKV4-74*01 F ref
IGKV4-75 IGKV4-75*01 P ref
IGKV4-77 IGKV4-77*01 P ref
IGKV4-78 IGKV4-78*01 F ref
IGKV4-79 IGKV4-79*01 F ref
IGKV4-80 IGKV4-80*01 F ref
IGKV4-81 IGKV4-81*01 F ref
IGKV4-83 IGKV4-83*01 P ref
IGKV4-86 IGKV4-86*01 F lit ref
IGKV4-90 IGKV4-90*01 F ref
IGKV4-91 IGKV4-91*01 F ref
IGKV4-92 IGKV4-92*01 F ref
IGKV5 IGKV5-37 IGKV5-37*01 F ref
IGKV5-39 IGKV5-39*01 F ref
IGKV5-40-1 IGKV5-40-1*01 P ref
IGKV5-43 IGKV5-43*01 F ref
IGKV5-45 IGKV5-45*01 F ref
IGKV5-48 IGKV5-48*01 F lit ref
IGKV6 IGKV6-13 IGKV6-13*01 (F)
IGKV6-14 IGKV6-14*01 F ref
IGKV6-15 IGKV6-15*01 F ref
IGKV6-17 IGKV6-17*01 F ref
IGKV6-20 IGKV6-20*01 F ref
IGKV6-23 IGKV6-23*01 F ref lit
IGKV6-25 IGKV6-25*01 F ref lit
IGKV6-29 IGKV6-29*01 F ref lit
IGKV6-32 IGKV6-32*01 F ref
IGKV6-32*02 F ref
IGKV6-b IGKV6-b*01 F ref
IGKV6-c IGKV6-c*01 F ref
IGKV6-d IGKV6-d*01 F ref
IGKV7 IGKV7-33 IGKV7-33*01 F lit ref
IGKV8 IGKV8-16 IGKV8-16*01 F ref
IGKV8-18 IGKV8-18*01 ORF ref
IGKV8-19 IGKV8-19*01 F ref
IGKV8-21 IGKV8-21*01 F ref
IGKV8-22 IGKV8-22*01 P ref
IGKV8-23-1 IGKV8-23-1*01 ORF ref
IGKV8-24 IGKV8-24*01 F ref lit
IGKV8-26 IGKV8-26*01 ORF ref lit
IGKV8-27 IGKV8-27*01 F ref lit
IGKV8-28 IGKV8-28*01 F ref lit
IGKV8-28*02 F ref
IGKV8-30 IGKV8-30*01 F lit ref
IGKV8-31 IGKV8-31*01 P ref
IGKV8-31*02 P ref
IGKV8-34 IGKV8-34*01 F ref
IGKV9 IGKV9-119 IGKV9-119*01 P ref
IGKV9-120 IGKV9-120*01 F ref lit
IGKV9-123 IGKV9-123*01 F lit
IGKV9-124 IGKV9-124*01 F lit
IGKV9-128 IGKV9-128*01 P ref
IGKV9-129 IGKV9-129*01 ORF ref lit
IGKV10 IGKV10-94 IGKV10-94*01 F ref lit lit lit
IGKV10-94*02 F lit ref
IGKV10-94*03 F ref lit lit
IGKV10-94*04 F ref
IGKV10-94*05 F ref
IGKV10-94*06 F lit
IGKV10-94*07 F ref
IGKV10-94*08 F ref
IGKV10-95 IGKV10-95*01 F lit ref
IGKV10-96 IGKV10-96*01 F lit ref lit lit lit
IGKV10-96*02 F ref
IGKV10-96*03 F ref lit lit
IGKV10-96*04 F ref
IGKV10-96*05 P
IGKV10-96*06 ORF ref
IGKV11 IGKV11-106 IGKV11-106*01 P ref
IGKV11-114 IGKV11-114*01 P ref
IGKV11-118 IGKV11-118*01 P ref
IGKV11-125 IGKV11-125*01 F ref
IGKV12 IGKV12-38 IGKV12-38*01 F ref
IGKV12-40 IGKV12-40*01 P ref
IGKV12-41 IGKV12-41*01 F ref
IGKV12-41*02 F ref
IGKV12-42 IGKV12-42*01 P ref
IGKV12-44 IGKV12-44*01 F ref
IGKV12-46 IGKV12-46*01 F ref
IGKV12-47 IGKV12-47*01 P ref
IGKV12-49 IGKV12-49*01 P ref
IGKV12-66 IGKV12-66*01 P ref
IGKV12-67 IGKV12-67*01 P ref
IGKV12-89 IGKV12-89*01 F ref
IGKV12-98 IGKV12-98*01 F ref
IGKV12-e IGKV12-e*01 F ref
IGKV13 IGKV13-54-1 IGKV13-54-1*01 P ref
IGKV13-55-1 IGKV13-55-1*01 P ref lit
IGKV13-56-1 IGKV13-56-1*01 P ref lit
IGKV13-57-1 IGKV13-57-1*01 P ref lit
IGKV13-57-2 IGKV13-57-2*01 P ref lit
IGKV13-61-1 IGKV13-61-1*01 P ref lit
IGKV13-62-1 IGKV13-62-1*01 P ref
IGKV13-62-1*02 P ref
IGKV13-64 IGKV13-64*01 P ref
IGKV13-64*02 P ref
IGKV13-71-1 IGKV13-71-1*01 P ref
IGKV13-73-1 IGKV13-73-1*01 P ref
IGKV13-74-1 IGKV13-74-1*01 P ref
IGKV13-76 IGKV13-76*01 P ref
IGKV13-78-1 IGKV13-78-1*01 P ref
IGKV13-80-1 IGKV13-80-1*01 P ref
IGKV13-82 IGKV13-82*01 P ref
IGKV13-84 IGKV13-84*01 F ref lit
IGKV13-85 IGKV13-85*01 F ref
IGKV13-85*02 F ref
IGKV13-85*03 F ref
IGKV13-87 IGKV13-87*01 P ref
IGKV13-89-1 IGKV13-89-1*01 P ref
IGKV14 IGKV14-100 IGKV14-100*01 F ref
IGKV14-111 IGKV14-111*01 F lit ref
IGKV14-118-1 IGKV14-118-1*01 P ref
IGKV14-118-2 IGKV14-118-2*01 P ref
IGKV14-126 IGKV14-126*01 F ref
IGKV14-126*02 P ref
IGKV14-126-1 IGKV14-126-1*01 P ref
IGKV14-130 IGKV14-130*01 F ref
IGKV14-134-1 IGKV14-134-1*01 P lit ref
IGKV15 IGKV15-97 IGKV15-97*01 P ref
IGKV15-101 IGKV15-101*01 P ref
IGKV15-101-1 IGKV15-101-1*01 P ref
IGKV15-102 IGKV15-102*01 P ref
IGKV15-103 IGKV15-103*01 ORF ref
IGKV16 IGKV16-104 IGKV16-104*01 F ref
IGKV17 IGKV17-121 IGKV17-121*01 F ref
IGKV17-127 IGKV17-127*01 F ref
IGKV17-134 IGKV17-134*01 P ref lit
IGKV18 IGKV18-36 IGKV18-36*01 F ref
IGKV19 IGKV19-93 IGKV19-93*01 F ref
IGKV19-93*02 F
IGKV20 IGKV20-101-2 IGKV20-101-2*01 F ref lit
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