IMGT Repertoire (IG and TR)

Locus in genome assembly: sheep (Ovis aries) TRA/TRD

Sheep (Ovis aries) TRA/TRD locus

IMGT locus TRA/TRD locus TRA/TRD locus
IMGT locus ID: Oviari_TRA/TRD_2 IMGT locus ID: Oviari_TRA/TRD_1
Taxonomy Ovis aries (sheep), taxon:9940, breed: Rambouillet Ovis aries (sheep), taxon:9940, breed: Texel
Genome assembly Oar_rambouillet_v1.0 Oar_v3.1
GenBank assembly ID GCA_002742125.1 GCA_000298735.1
RefSeq assembly ID GCF_002742125.1 GCF_000298735.1
BAC library
Chromosome 7 7
Chromosome sequence ID and locus positions (GenBank assembly) CM008478.1 (23556113-26437716, complement) CM001588.1 (21754183-22955235)
Chromosome sequence ID and locus positions (RefSeq assembly) NC_040258.1 (23556113-26437716, complement) NC_019464.1 (21754183-22955235)
IMGT locus orientation on the chromosome REV REV
IMGT/LIGM-DB locus reference sequence (ID) IMGT000048 OviAri_1_chr7, OviAri_2_chr7 and OviAri_3_chr7
IMGT/LIGM-DB locus reference sequence length (bp) 2881604 400351, 400351 and 400351
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