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MH group Species MH subgroup IMGT gene names (1) IMGT allele names (1) gDNA (2) Mouse strain Mouse MH haplotype (3) cDNA (2) Mouse strain Mouse MH haplotype (3) IMGT/3D structure-DB (4) gDNA EX1 (same allele) (2,5) gDNA (other alleles) (2,5)
MH1 Homo sapiens MH1-A MH1-A HLA-A*0201 K02883 1oga_A
MH1-B MH1-B HLA-B*0702 AJ292075
MH1-C MH1-C HLA-C*0701 Y18533 Y18499
Mus musculus MH1-D MH1-D1 MH1-D1*02 M18523 C57BL/10 b 1juf_A
MH1-K MH1-K1 MH1-K1*01 V00746/ V00747 C57BL/10 b AK168517 1lk2_A AF100956 X01815
MH1-L MH1-L MH1-L*05 V00752 d (1ld9_A) L00127 X14091/ X52916
Homo sapiens MH1-E MH1-E HLA-E*01 AF523277 1mhe_A
MH1-F MH1-F HLA-F*01 X17093
MH1-G MH1-G HLA-G*01 J03027
Mus musculus MH1-M MH1-M5 MH1-M5*02 L14279 BALB/c d
MH1-Q MH1-Q7 MH1-Q7*02 X03210
MH1-T MH1-T3 MH1-T3*01 M11742 C57BL/6 b
RPI-MH1Like Homo sapiens MIC MICA MICA*01 U56940 1hyr_C L29411
MRT MRT1 MR1*01 AL356267
RAET RAET1N RAET1N*01 AL355497 1kcg_C
Mus musculus AZGP AZGP1 AZGP1*01 AF281658 129/Svj 129
CD1D CD1D1 CD1D1*01 X13170 1cd1_A
MH2 Homo sapiens MH2-PA MH2-PA1 HLA-DPA1*0103 X03100
MH2-PB MH2-PB1 HLA-DPB1*0401 M23907 M23906
MH2-QA MH2-QA1 HLA-DQA1*0501 Z84489 1s9v_A
MH2-QB MH2-QB1 HLA-DQB1*0301 M25325 U92032
MH2-RA MH2-RA HLA-DRA*0101 J00204 1fv1_D J00203 Z84814
MH2-RB MH2-RB1 HLA-DRB1*1402 AJ297583 AL137064
Mus musculus MH2-AA MH2-AA MH2-AA*02 AY740451 B10.MOL1 (w12) V00832 B10.A k/d2? 1iak_A AF027865
MH2-AB MH2-AB MH2-AB*02 AY740477 B10.SNA70 (w8) M13538 B10.A k/d2? 1iak_B AF027865
MH2-EA MH2-EA MH2-EA*02 K00971 BALB/c d 1fng_C
AY303782 BALB.K k
MH2-EB MH2-EB1 MH2-EB1*01 AF050157 129 bc
Homo sapiens MH2-MA MH2-MA HLA-DMA*01 X62744 (1hdm_A) X76775
MH2-MB MH2-MB HLA-DMB*01 X76776 (1hdm_B)
MH2-OA MH2-OA HLA-DOA*01 X02882
MH2-OB MH2-OB HLA-DOB*01 X87344
Mus musculus MH2-MA MH2-MA MH2-MA*01 AF100956 129/Svj 129 1k8i_A
MH2-MB MH2-MB1 MH2-MB1*02 U35323 BALB/c d
MH2-OA MH2-OA MH2-OA*01 C57BL/6J b AK020594 AF100956
MH2-OB MH2-OB MH2-OB*01 C57BL/6J b AK053233 M11800
  MH1 & MH2 classical
  MH1 & MH2 nonclassical
IMGT notes:
  1. (1) Owing to a lesser degree of polymorphism of the Homo sapiens nonclassical MH1 and MH2 genes, compared to the classical MH1 and MH2 genes, a 2-digit is used for their allele description (IMGT Scientific chart): *01 refers to *0101 found in the literature. The allele nomenclature of the highly polymorphic Homo sapiens classical MH1 and MH2 is according to HLA-DB [1]. Mus musculus MH (formerly H2) alleles are numbered starting from allele *01 (sequence from strain C57BL/6). Homo sapiens and Mus musculus RPI-MH1Like alleles are numbered starting from allele *01 that corresponds to the IMGT reference sequence (IMGT Repertoire). The Musmus MH2-PA gene (MH2-PA*01 accession number D64112, strain C57BL/6) that is a pseudogene, and the Musmus MH2-PB gene that has not yet been identified, are not included in the table.
  2. (2) GEDI (GenBank, EMBL-Bank, DDBJ, IMGT/LIGM-DB) nucleotide sequence accession numbers. gDNA: genomic DNA; cDNA: complementary DNA.
  3. (3) From "Mouse MH haplotypes and polymorphisms" [2,3].
  4. (4) Chain codes from IMGT/3Dstructure-DB [4]. The code is shown within parentheses for 3D structures in which the chain sequence differs from the translation of the corresponding representative allele in column 3.
  5. (5) Accession numbers that were necessary for splicing site identification: "same allele" refers to the allele in column 3, "other alleles" refers to alleles other than the ones in column 3.
IMGT references:
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