Collier de Perles: Mouse (Mus musculus) IGK V-J REGION from E5.2 Fv (PDB: 1dvf_C )

IMGT/3Dstructure-DB card: 1dvf

Side view (backbone model)
View from above the CDRs (backbone model)

Collier de Perles: Mouse IGH V-D-J REGION

Mouse rearranged IGK V-J1 REGION

The PBD file 1dvf contains the atomic coordinates of the complex between Idiotope D1.3-Antiidiotope E5.2. Both D1.3 and E5.2 are mouse (Mus musculus) antibodies (IgG1, kappa). Only the IGK V-DOMAIN of E5.2 (or "Fv", for "Fragment variable") (PDB: 1dvf_C) is displayed here.


Created: 19/12/1997
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Authors: Manuel Ruiz, Elodie Foulquier and Marie-Paule Lefranc
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