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Addition of 'Score for IMGT allele confirmation' as well as NCBI TPA accession numbers.
September 20th, 2023.

Implementation of the dynamic gene table.

Gene table legend:

"+" or "-" indicates if the gene sequences have been found (+) or not been found (-) rearranged (R), transcribed (T) and/or translated into protein (Pr). Arbitrarily that information is shown on the first line of each gene, when the data have been confirmed by several studies.

Functionality is shown in parentheses, (F) and (P), when the accession number refers to rearranged genomic DNA or cDNA and the corresponding germline gene has not yet been isolated.

In the realm of IMGT allele confirmation, a scoring system is employed to signify the frequency of occurrences of a specific allele within sequence data. A single star (*) indicates that no instances of the allele have been identified in the literature. Two stars (**) indicate the discovery of one literature sequence containing the allele. If more than one literature sequence is found to contain the allele, it is designated with three stars (***). In the Excel file, the stars are represented by the plus symbol (+).

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Gene table of Naked mole-rat (Heterocephalus glaber) TRGC IMGT group:
IMGT gene nameIMGT allele nameFctScore for
IMGT allele
ExonsR T PrIMGT/LIGM-DB reference sequencesIMGT/LIGM-DB sequences from the literature
IsolateClone namesAccession
in the sequence
IsolateClone namesAccession
in the sequence
TRGC1 TRGC1*01 (1) 1 EX1 BK064756 [1] MAP 57334-57660 BK064755 [1] 57333-57659
MEF-2018 IMGT000072 57227-57553
TRGC1 TRGC1*01 (1) 1 EX3 BK064756 [1] MAP 61915-62054 BK064755 [1] 61914-62053
MEF-2018 IMGT000072 61740-61879
TRGC2 TRGC2*01 F 1 EX1 BK064755 [1] MAP 177225-177554 MEF-2018 IMGT000072 167233-167562
TRGC2 TRGC2*01 F 1 EX2 BK064755 [1] MAP 181430-181471 MEF-2018 IMGT000072 171500-171541
TRGC2 TRGC2*01 F 1 EX3 BK064755 [1] MAP 182095-182234 MEF-2018 IMGT000072 172165-172304
TRGC2 TRGC2*02 F 1 EX1 BK064756 [1] MAP 167697-168026 NMR 29 IMGT000083 203799-204128
TRGC2 TRGC2*02 F 1 EX2 BK064756 [1] MAP 171912-171953 NMR 29 IMGT000083 208013-208054
TRGC2 TRGC2*02 F 1 EX3 BK064756 [1] MAP 172577-172716 NMR 29 IMGT000083 208678-208817
TRGC2S1 (4) TRGC2S1*01 (2) 1 EX2 MEF-2018 IMGT000072 173184-173225
TRGC2S1 (4) TRGC2S1*01 (2) 1 EX3 MEF-2018 IMGT000072 173849-173988
TRGC3 TRGC3*01 F 1 EX1 BK064756 [1] MAP 234649-234978 BK064755 [1] 244216-244545
MEF-2018 IMGT000072 235819-236148
TRGC3 TRGC3*01 F 1 EX2 BK064756 [1] MAP 239431-239469 BK064755 [1] 248998-249036
MEF-2018 IMGT000072 240601-240639
TRGC3 TRGC3*01 F 1 EX3 BK064756 [1] MAP 241594-241733 BK064755 [1] 251161-251300
MEF-2018 IMGT000072 242764-242903
TRGC4 TRGC4*01 (3) 1 EX1 BK064756 [1] MAP 265273-265602 BK064755 [1] 274834-275163
MEF-2018 IMGT000072 267318-267647
TRGC4 TRGC4*01 (3) 1 EX2 BK064756 [1] MAP 270768-270812 BK064755 [1] 280329-280373
MEF-2018 IMGT000072 272813-272857
TRGC4 TRGC4*01 (3) 1 EX3 BK064756 [1] MAP 272857-272995 BK064755 [1] 282418-282556
MEF-2018 IMGT000072 274902-275040
TRGC5 TRGC5*01 F 1 EX1 BK064756 [1] MAP 313584-313913 MEF-2018 IMGT000072 317678-318007
TRGC5 TRGC5*01 F 1 EX2 BK064756 [1] MAP 317247-317291 MEF-2018 IMGT000072 321341-321385
TRGC5 TRGC5*01 F 1 EX3 BK064756 [1] MAP 323071-323210 MEF-2018 IMGT000072 326898-327037
TRGC5 TRGC5*02 F 1 EX1 BK064755 [1] MAP 320787-321116
TRGC5 TRGC5*02 F 1 EX2 BK064755 [1] MAP 324450-324494
TRGC5 TRGC5*02 F 1 EX3 BK064755 [1] MAP 330274-330413

✤ : NCBI accession number that correspond to a previously internal IMGT accession number. See the correspondence table.

IMGT notes:
  1. no EX2
  2. no EX1
  3. frameshift in EX3: deletion of 1 nt
  4. The TRGC2S1 gene may be a duplication artefact or a sequencing error and it is absent from other scaffolds -> therefore, the nomenclature is provisional.
IMGT references:
  1. Manso,T. et al., IMGT(R) databases, related tools and web resources through three main axes of research and development, Nucleic Acids Res, vol. 50, no. D1, 2022, pp. D1262-D1272. PUBMED: 34875068