Table of alleles: Human TRBV

Print of this table: Folch, G. and Lefranc, M.-P., Exp. Clin. Immunogenet., 17, 42-54 (2000). PMID:10686482

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Functionality is shown between:
- parentheses, (F) and (P), when the accession number refers to rearranged genomic DNA or cDNA and the corresponding germline gene has not yet been isolated.
- brackets, [F] and [P], when the accession number refers to genomic DNA, but not known as being germline or rearranged.

The IMGT allele table refers to the V-REGION polymorphism. It does not include polymorphisms in the other parts of the V-GENE. V-REGION alleles are only described for genes which have at least one Functional or ORF allele. The accession number of a reference sequence is given for each allele.
Nucleotide mutations and amino acid changes in CDR3-IMGT of rearranged sequences are not taken into account for the description of polymorphism.

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The original L36092 sequence (684973 bp) has been split in EMBL into three sequences of 267156 bp (U66059), 215422 bp (U66060) and 232650 bp (U66061), L36092 has become secondary accession number of U66059, U66060 and U66061.
In IMGT, the original sequence L36092 which is fully annotated has also been kept as primary accession number, in addition to U66059, U66060 and U66061.

Part 1 - TRBV genes at 7q34

TRBV subgroup TRBV
gene name
allele name
Accession number Confirmed
by genetics
and/or data
Description of mutations
2 2 F V2*01 L36092/U66059 + g65  ,R22  |a237  |
(F) V2*02 M62379   g65>a,R22>H|
(F) V2*03 M64351              |a237>g|
3 3-1 F V3-1*01 U07977 + t174  |c181  ,L61  |c225  |c256  ,c258  ,H86  |
(F) V3-1*02 L06889   t174>c|c181>a,L61>I|c225>a|c256>a,c258>a,H86>K|
4 4-1 F V4-1*01 U07977 + t93  |
(F) V4-1*02 M13855   t93>a|
4-2 F V4-2*01 U07975 + t263  ,F88  |
(F) V4-2*02 X58811   t263>g,F88>C|
4-3 F V4-3*01 U07978 + t84  |g183  |t263  ,F88  |
(F) V4-3*02 X58812               |t263>c,F88>S|
(F) V4-3*03 L06888        |g183>t|
(F) V4-3*04 X57616   t84>g|
5 5-1 F V5-1*01 L36092/U66059 + a2  ,K1  |a9  |t28  ,Y10  |a64  ,S22  |c137  ,P46  |c215  ,P72  |
(F) V5-1*02 M14271   a2>g,K1>R|a9>g|t28>c,Y10>H|a64>g,S22>G|c137>t,P46>L|c215>t,P72>L|
5-3 ORF V5-3*01 X61439 + g254  ,C85  |
ORF V5-3*02 AF009660 + g254>a,C85>Y|
5-4 F V5-4*01 L36092/U66060 + t60  |t212  ,71F  |g257  ,86S  |
(F) V5-4*02 X57615                     |g257>a,86S>N|
(F) V5-4*03 S50547   t60>a|
(F) V5-4*04 X58804        |t212>c,71F>S|
5-5 F V5-5*01 L36092/U66060 + a54  ,Q18  |g83  ,28G  |
(F) V5-5*02 X57611 + a54>c,Q18>H|
(F) V5-5*03 X58801              |g83>a,28G>E|
5-6 F V5-6*01 L36092/U66060 +  
5-7 ORF V5-7*01 L36092/U66060 +  
5-8 F V5-8*01 L36092/U66060 + t154  ,F52  |
(F) V5-8*02 X58803   t154>c,F52>L|
6 6-1 F V6-1*01 X61446 +  
6-2 F V6-2*01 X61445 + g75  |a89  ,E30  |a119  ,Y40  |g139  ,G47  |g147     |
6-3 F V6-3*01 U07978 +  
6-4 F V6-4*01 X61653 + t2  ,I1  |c52  ,R18  |
F V6-4*02 AF009660 + t2>c,I1>T|c52>a,R18>S|
6-5 F V6-5*01 L36092/U66059/U66060 +  
6-6 F V6-6*01 L36092/U66060 + a70  ,24T  |a88  ,c90  ,N30  |t201  |231c  |c286  ,96P  |
F V6-6*02 AF009662   a70>g,24T>A|                 |t201>c|
(F) V6-6*03 X58815   a70>g,24T>A|
(F) V6-6*04 X74848              |a88>g,c90>a,N30>E|      |231c>t|
(F) V6-6*05 L06892   a70>g,24T>A|                 |t201>c|      |c286>g,96P>A|
6-7 ORF V6-7*01 L36092/U66060 +  
6-8 F V6-8*01 L36092/U66060 +  
6-9 F V6-9*01 X61447 +  
7 7-1 ORF V7-1*01 X61444 +  
7-2 F V7-2*01 X61442 + c12  |c135  ,S45  |g251  ,G84  |g313  ,A105  |
F V7-2*02 L36190 +      |c135>g,S45>R|g251>a,G84>E|
F V7-2*03 U07975        |c135>g,S45>R|g251>a,G84>E|g313>a,A105>T|
(F) V7-2*04 M27387   c12>t|
7-3 F V7-3*01 X61440 + t52  ,Y18  |t154  ,F52  |c219  ,N73  |g287  ,R96  |a297  |t302  ,V101  |t310  ,C104  |
ORF V7-3*02 M97943 + t52>g,Y18>D|            |c219>a,N73>K|g287>a,R96>Q|                    |t310>c,C104>R|
ORF V7-3*03 L33105 + t52>g,Y18>D|            |c219>a,N73>K|g287>a,R96>Q|      |t302>c,V101>A|t310>c,C104>R|
(F) V7-3*04 X74843                                                     |a297>t|
(F) V7-3*05 M13550 +            |t154>c,F52>L|
7-4 F V7-4*01 L36092/U66060 + c255     |t266  ,L89  |
[P] V7-4*02 L13762   c255>del#|t266>c,L89>P|
7-6 F V7-6*01 L36092/U66060 + t78  |
(F) V7-6*02 X58806   t78>c|
7-7 F V7-7*01 L36092/U66060 + c89  ,A30  |
(F) V7-7*02 X57607   c89>t,A30>V|
7-8 F V7-8*01 M11953 + g138  |c286  ,Q96  |
F V7-8*02 X61441         |c286>a,Q96>K|
(F) V7-8*03 M27384   g138>c|
7-9 F V7-9*01 L36092/U66060 + g1  ,a2  ,t3  ,D1  |a4  ,T2  |g18  ,Q6  |a19  ,N7  |g33  ,K11  |c134  ,T45  |t137  ,g138  ,L46  |a198  |a208  ,R70  |t226  ,F76  |t256  ,c258  ,F86  |c286  ,Q96  |
(F) V7-9*02 M15564 +                                                    |g33>c,K11>N|
F V7-9*03 AF009663 +                                         |a19>g,N7>D|
(F) V7-9*04 M14261   g1>a,a2>t,t3>a,D1>I|a4>t,T2>S|g18>c,Q6>H|                      |c134>a,T45>N|t137>c,g138>t,L46>P|a198>g|a208>g,R70>G|t226>a,F76>I|
(F) V7-9*05 M27385                                                                                                                                    |t256>c,       F86>L|
(F) V7-9*06 X74844                                                                                                                                    |t256>c,c258>t,F86>L|
(F) V7-9*07 L14854                                                                                                                                                        |c286>g,Q96>E|
9 9 F V9*01 L36092/U66059 + g165  ,Q55  |
F V9*02 AF009660   g165>c,Q55>H|
(F) V9*03 M27380   g165>a      |
10 10-1 F V10-1*01 U17050 + a180  ,Q60  |g274  ,E92  |
F V10-1*02 AF009660   a180>c,Q60>H|
[P] V10-1*03 U17051   a180>c,Q60>H|g274>t,E92>*|
10-2 F V10-2*01 U17049 + t228  |
[F] V10-2*02 U17048   t228>c|
10-3 F V10-3*01 U03115 + c72  |t93  |g156  |
F V10-3*02 U17047   c72>t|
[F] V10-3*03 L33101        |t93>c|g156>a|
[F] V10-3*04 L33102        |t93>c|
11 11-1 F V11-1*01 M33233 +  
11-2 F V11-2*01 L36092/U66059 + g276  |g292  ,D98  |
[F] V11-2*02 M33235         |g292>a,D98>N|
(F) V11-2*03 X58796   g276>a|
11-3 F V11-3*01 U03115 + a17  |a45  |a48  |t75  |t128  ,L43  |t279  |g301  ,V101  |
(F) V11-3*02 X58797              |a48>g|     |t128>g,L43>R|
(F) V11-3*03 M62377   a17>g|a45>g|     |t75>a|            |t279>a|g301>a,V101>M|
(F) V11-3*04 AB305924                          |t128>g,L43>R|
12 12-3 F V12-3*01 X07192 +  
12-4 F V12-4*01 K02546 + c87  |a269  ,K90  |
(F) V12-4*02 M14264 + c87>t|a269>g,K90>R|
12-5 F V12-5*01 X07223 +  
13 13 F V13-1*01 U03115 + a38  ,K13  |t135  |c157  ,L53  |
(F) V13-1*02 M62378   a38>g,K13>R|t135>c|c157>t,L53>F|
14 14 F V14*01 X06154 + g204  |
(F) V14*02 X57722   g204>a|
15 15 F V15*01 U03115 + a32  ,Q11  |g172  ,D58  |t267  |a295  ,T99  |t308  ,L103  |
(F) V15*02 X58800 +                                |a295>g,T99>A|
(F) V15*03 M62376   a32>g,Q11>R|g172>a,D58>N|t267>a|a295>g,T99>A|t308>a,L103>Q|
16 16 F V16*01 L26231   t93  ,Y31  |a160  ,I54  |
P V16*02 U03115 + t93>g,Y31>*|
(F) V16*03 L26054              |a160>g,I54>V|
17 17 ORF V17*01 U03115 +  
18 18 F V18*01 L36092/U66060 +  
19 19 F V19*01 L36092/U66060/U66061 + a134  ,D45  |g171  ,Q57  |
F V19*02 U48259   a134>t,D45>V|g171>c,Q57>H|
(F) V19*03 M97725               |g171>c,Q57>H|
20 20-1 F V20-1*01 M11955 + c27  |t28  ,W10  |c76  |c142  ,Q48  |t155  ,L52  |g159  ,M53  |c179  ,S60  |
F V20-1*02 X72719 +      |t28>a,W10>R|
(F) V20-1*03 M11954                                                                 |c179>g,S60>C|
(F) V20-1*04 M14263        |t28>a,W10>R|c76>t|c142>a,Q48>K|
(F) V20-1*05 X57604        |t28>a,W10>R|     |c142>a,Q48>K|
(F) V20-1*06 D13088   c27>t|t28>a,W10>R|     |c142>a,Q48>K|
(F) V20-1*07 X74852        |t28>a,W10>R|     |c142>a,Q48>K|t155>a,L52>Q|g159>c,M53>I|
23 23-1 ORF V23-1*01 L36092/U66061 +  
24 24-1 F V24-1*01 M11951 +  
25 25-1 F V25-1*01 L36092/U66061 +  
27 27 F V27*01 L36092/U66061 +  
28 28 F V28*01 U08314 +  
29 29-1 F V29-1*01 L36092/U66061 + g117  ,M39  |c263  ,T88  |
(F) V29-1*02 M13847               |c263>g,T88>S|
(F) V29-1*03 X04926   g117>a,M39>I|
30 30 F V30*01 L36092/U66061 + t60  |c127  ,R43  |c141  |a142  |g169  ,V57  |g179  ,G60  |c241  ,81P  |c264  |t285  |
F V30*02 Z13967                                                                                 |t285>c|
P V30*03 [1] IMGT000027 +      |c127>t,R43>*|                                       |c241>t,81P>S|     
(F) V30*04 M13554                                   |g169>a,V57>I|g194>a,G65>D|            |c264>t|t285>c|
(F) V30*05 L06893   t60>c|            |c141>a|a142>c|                                            

[1] Charmley, P. et al., J. Exp. Med., 177, 135-143 (1993b).

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