IMGT Repertoire (IG and TR)

Locus gene order: Ring-tailed lemur (Lemur catta) IGK

Relative position (order) of a gene, in a locus from the 5' end of a locus to its 3' end. The number '0' indicates that the relative position is unknown.

Ring-tailed lemur (Lemur catta) IGK locus

IMGT gene name IMGT locus gene order IMGT gene orientation in locus Copy Number Variation (CNV)
IGKV9-17 1 direct
IGKV3-16 2 direct
IGKV1-15 3 direct
IGKV2-14 4 direct
IGKV2-13 5 direct
IGKV2-12 6 direct
IGKV2-11 7 direct
IGKV2-10 8 direct
IGKV2-9 9 direct
IGKV6-8 10 direct
IGKV(II)-7 11 direct
IGKV2-6 12 direct
IGKV4-5 13 direct
IGKV2-4 14 opposite
IGKV8-3 15 opposite
IGKV5-2 16 opposite
IGKV4-1 17 opposite
IGKJ1 18 direct
IGKJ2 19 direct
IGKJ3 20 direct
IGKJ4 21 direct
IGKJ5 22 direct
IGKC 23 direct
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