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Locus representation: House mouse (Mus musculus) IGK

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House mouse (Mus musculus) IGK locus on chromosome 6 (6C1)

The orientation of the house mouse (Mus musculus) IGK locus on the chromosome 6 (6C1) is forward (FWD).

Locus representation mouse IGK

Colors are according to IMGT color menu for genes.
The boxes representing the genes are not to scale. Exons are not shown.
A double slash // indicates a gap in genome assembly. Distances in bp (base pair) or in kb (kilobase) associated with a double slash are taken into account in the length of the lines and included in the numbers displayed at the right end of the lines.
A dotted line ... indicates the distance in kb (kilobase) between the locus and its bornes (5' borne and the most 5' gene in the locus and/or 3' borne and the most 3' gene in the locus) on the top and bottom lines, respectively. These distances are not represented at scale and/or are not included in IMGT-LOCUS-UNIT and may not be included in the numbers displayed at the right ends of these two lines .

|   Sequences used as probes.

IGKV4-52 is not found in BAC clone AC153615. It is not yet known if IGKV4-52 represents an allele of the IGKV4-54 or a polymorphic gene by insertion deletion.

The D6Bhm9 probe (EMBL Accession number Z72363) is described in Schupp, I.W. et al., Immunogenetics, 95, 180-187 (1997).

tub: a- tubulin like (EMBL Accession number AJ235970).
sad: S-adenosyl methionine decarboxylase like (EMBL Accession number AJ132684).

Bornes of the house mouse (Mus musculus) IGK locus

• No 5' borne conserved between species has been identified upstream of IGKV2-137 (F, P), the most 5' gene in the locus.
• RPIA (ribose 5-phosphate isomerase A) (3' borne) has been identified 39 kb downstream of IGKC (F), the most 3' gene in the locus.

The 5' enhancer (E5') is found between the IGKJ genes and the IGKC genes, and the 3' enhancer (E3') is located 8.5 kb downstream of the IGKC gene.

The 19 mouse (Mus musculus) IGKV subgroups belong to three clans (Figure IGKV clans). Clans comprise, respectively:

  • clan I: IGKV9, IGKV10, IGKV11, IGKV12, IGKV13, IGKV14, IGKV15, IGKV16 and IGKV19 subgroup genes
  • clan II: IGKV1, IGKV2, IGKV5, IGKV6, IGKV7, IGKV8 and IGKV18 subgroup genes
  • clan III: IGKV3, IGKV4 and IGKV17 subgroup genes

Locus representation with only the functional genes: house mouse (Mus musculus) IGK

Locus representation mouse IGK

* When needed, indicate the presence of allele(s) with another functionality: see above house mouse (Mus musculus) IGK locus

IMGT notes:
  1. (1) The mouse IGKV representation has been set up with data from [1-5] and updated with "The immunoglobulin k genes and the k locus of the mouse".These updates (26/05/2005) include:
    • deletion of the gaps between IGKV14-111 and IGKV2-112, and between IGKV2-116 and IGKV1-117
    • deletion of the gaps between IGKV1-122 and IGKV9-123, and between IGKV9-124 and IGKV11-125, and change of orientation and position of the IGKV9-123 and IGKV9-124 genes
    • deletion of gw1, ca9 and cc9, now considered as orphons on the same chromosome 6 (IGKV1/OR6-1, IGKV14/OR6-2 and IGKV14/OR6-3, respectively).
    These updates (17/07/2006) include:
    • Addition of IGKV8-23-1, IGKV4-57-1 and IGKV13-57-2.
    • Positioning of IGKV4-60 between IGKV4-59 and IGKV4-58.
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