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IMGT RPI entry from gene to protein for Homo sapiens MICA

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Frigoul, A. and Lefranc, M.-P., MICA: standardized IMGT allele nomenclature, polymorphisms and diseases, Recent Research Developments in Human Genetics, 3, 95-145 (2005) ISBN: 81-7736-244-5 pdf with permission from Research Signpost

IMGT gene name and definition

Chromosomal localization

Gene exon/intron organization

MICA Gene exon/intron organization


Gene table (Locus and genes)

Corresponding protein database accession numbers

Allele names Accession numbers Number of nucleotides Number of amino acids
Nucleotide databases Protein databases (4)
MICA*01 L14848 Q29983(5) 1149pb 383aa
NM000247 none 1149pb 383aa
AL845443 Q5JP35 1149pb 383aa
AF336085, AF336086 (AH010572) Q29983 1079pb 359aa
U56940 822pb 274aa
L29406 none 543pb 180aa
U69965 P79528 181pb 60aa
MICA*02 AF336063, AF336064 (AH010545) Q29983 1094pb 364aa
AF085043, AF085044, AF085045, AF085046 (AH008144) 969pb 323aa
U56941 822pb 274aa
AF336083, AF336084 (AH010571) 1094pb 365aa
MICA*03 U56942 Q29983 822pb 274aa
MICA*04 X92841 Q29983 1155pb 385aa
CR847852 B0V1E9 1155pb 385aa
AB202108 Q2L6G1 1085pb 361aa
AF085031, AF085032, AF085033, AF085034 (AH008141) Q29983 960pb 319aa
U56943 822pb 274aa
MICA*05 U56944 Q29983 822pb 274aa
MICA*06 AF336065, AF336066 (AH010526) Q29983 1085pb 361aa
AF085023, AF085024, AF085025, AF085026 (AH008139) 960pb 319aa
U56945 822pb 274aa
MICA*07 AY750850 Q5XM20 1149pb 383aa
AF085047, AF085048, AF085049, AF085050 (AH008145) Q29983 954pb 317aa
U56946 822pb 274aa
MICA*08 BX119958 Q96QC4 997pb 332aa
CR609923 none 940pb 312aa
AK299135 940pb 312aa
AF336067, AF336068 (AH010568) Q29983 926pb 308aa
AY603357 926pb 308aa
AF085015, AF085016, AF085017, AF085018 (AH008137) 926pb 308aa
U56947 821pb 273aa
L29411 Q29927 544pb 180aa
L29409 none 544pb 180aa
U69624 P78551 543pb 180aa
U69625 543pb 180aa
U69628 543pb 180aa
U69970 P79533 153pb 51aa
U69976 P79539 153pb 51aa
U69977 P79540 153pb 51aa
BX005439 Q29980 125pb 41aa
MICA*09 AK225393 none 1154pb 385aa
AF336069, AF336070 (AH010569) Q29983 1085pb 361aa
AF085019, AF085020, AF085021, AF085022 (AH008138) 960pb 319aa
U56948 822pb 274aa
U69626 Q99693 543pb 181aa
U69971 P79534 187pb 62aa
AB103614 Q0EFB3 1085pb 361aa
MICA*10 AF336071, AF336072 (AH010532) Q29983 1082pb 360aa
AF085055, AF085056, AF085057, AF085058 (AH008147) 957pb 318aa
U56949 822pb 274aa
Y16801 822pb 273aa
L29408 none 543pb 181aa
U69629 Q99695 543pb 181aa
U69969 P79532 184pb 61aa
U69974 P79537 184pb 61aa
MICA*11 AF336073, AF336074 (AH010546) Q29983 1085pb 361aa
AF085035, AF085036, AF085037, AF085038 (AH008142) 960pb 319aa
U56950 822pb 274aa
MICA*11(3) U69630, U69975 Q99696, P79538 undetermined undetermined
MICA*12 AF336081, AF336082 (AH010562) Q29983 1079pb 359aa
U56951 822pb 274aa
MICA*12(3) U69627, U69972 Q99694, P79535 undetermined undetermined
MICA*13 U56952 Q29983 822pb 274aa
MICA*14 U56953 Q29983 822pb 274aa
MICA*15 AF264738, AF264739, AF264740 (AH011143) Q29983 1094pb 364aa
U56954 822pb 274aa
MICA*16 AF336075, AF336076 (AH010560) Q29983 1082pb 360aa
AF085027, AF085028, AF085029, AF085030 (AH008140) 957pb 318aa
U56955 822pb 274aa
Y16802 778pb 259aa
MICA*16(3) U69623, U69966 Q7JFP0, Q29983 undetermined undetermined
MICA*17 AF264735, AF264736, AF264737 (AH010819) Q29983 1094pb 364aa
AF097403 822pb 274aa
AF079413, AF079414, AF079415 (AH006330) 822pb 273aa
Y16810 822pb 273aa
AJ250803 969pb 322aa
MICA*18 AF336077, AF336078 (AH010561) Q29983 1079pb 359aa
AF011874, AF011875, AF011876, AF093116 (AH007181) 954pb 317aa
AF079425, AF079426, AF079427 (AH006334) 822pb 273aa
AF097404 822pb 274aa
Y16806 823pb 274aa
AJ250805 954pb 317aa
MICA*19 AF336079, AF336080 (AH010587) Q29983 1082pb 360aa
AF011835, AF011836, AF011837, AF093113 (AH007169) 957pb 318aa
AF079416, AF079417, AF079418 (AH006331) 822pb 273aa
AF097405 822pb 274aa
AJ250804 957pb 318aa
AB015600 822pb 274aa
EU267602 1082pb 360aa
MICA*20 AJ249394 Q29983 972pb 324aa
MICA*21 Y18110 Q29983 823pb 274aa
MICA*22 Y16804 Q29983 823pb 273aa
AF011856, AF011857, AF011858 (AH007175) 822pb 273aa
MICA*23 AF085039, AF085040, AF085041, AF085042 (AH008143) Q29983 926pb 308aa
MICA*24 Y16807 Q29983 823pb 274aa
AF011832, AF011833, AF011834 (AH007168) 822pb 273aa
MICA*25 Y16808 Q29983 823pb 274aa
AF011853, AF011854, AF011855 (AH007186) 822pb 273aa
MICA*26 AF085051, AF085052, AF085053, AF085054 (AH008146) Q29983 960pb 319aa
MICA*27 AJ250802 Q29983 957pb 318aa
AF085011, AF085012, AF085013, AF085014 (AH008136) 957pb 318aa
MICA*28 AF011829, AF011830, AF011831, AF093115 (AH007167) Q29983 926pb 308aa
Y18111 823pb 274aa
MICA*29 Y18112 Q29983 823pb 274aa
AJ250503, AJ250504 954pb 317aa
MICA*30 AF079422, AF079423, AF079424 (AH006333) Q29983 822pb 274aa
MICA*31 AF011838, AF011839, AF011840 (AH007170) Q29983 822pb 274aa
MICA*32 AF011841, AF011842, AF011843 (AH007171) Q29983 822pb 274aa
MICA*33 AJ250505 Q29983 957pb 318aa
AF011844, AF011845, AF011846, AF093114 (AH007172) 957pb 318aa
MICA*34 AF011847, AF011848, AF011849 (AH007173) Q29983 822pb 274aa
MICA*35 AF011850, AF011851, AF011852 (AH007174) Q29983 822pb 274aa
MICA*36 AF011859, AF011860, AF011861 (AH007176) Q29983 822pb 274aa
MICA*37 AF011862, AF011863, AF011864 (AH007177) Q29983 822pb 274aa
MICA*38 AF011865, AF011866, AF011867 (AH007178) Q29983 822pb 274aa
MICA*39 AF011868, AF011869, AF011870 (AH007179) Q29983 822pb 274aa
MICA*40 AF011871, AF011872, AF011873 (AH007180) Q29983 822pb 274aa
MICA*41 AJ271789 Q29983 969pb 323aa
AF106632, AF106633, AF106634 (AH007472) 822pb 273aa
MICA*42 AF106635, AF106636, AF106637 (AH007473) Q29983 822pb 274aa
MICA*43 AJ250990, AJ250991 Q29983 954pb 318aa
AF106638, AF106639, AF106640 (AH007474) 822pb 274aa
MICA*44 AF106641, AF106642, AF106643 (AH007475) Q29983 822pb 274aa
MICA*45 AJ250506, AJ250507 Q29983 954pb 318aa
AF106644, AF106645, AF106646 (AH007476) 822pb 273aa
MICA*46 AJ250501, AJ250502 Q29983 969pb 323aa
MICA*47 AJ295250, AJ295251 Q29983 960pb 320aa
AF286732, AF286733, AF286734 (AH009826) Q9HB16 822pb 273aa
MICA*48 AF264741, AF264742, AF264743 (AH010820) Q29983 1082pb 360aa
MICA*49 AF264744, AF264746, AF264747 (AH010821) Q29983 1085pb 361aa
MICA*50 AY095537 Q29983 963pb 321aa
MICA*51 AJ563426 Q29983 823pb 273aa
MICA*52 AF011877, AF011878, AF011879 (AH007182) Q29983 822pb 273aa
MICA*53 Y16805 Q29983 823pb 273aa
AF011880, AF011881, AF011882 (AH007183) 822pb 273aa
MICA*54 AJ250499, AJ250500 Q29983 926pb 308aa
AF011883, AF011884, AF011885 (AH007184) 822pb 273aa
AF106650, AF106651, AF106652 822pb 273aa
Y16809 822pb 274aa
MICA*55 AF106653, AF106654, AF106655 (AH007479) Q29983 822pb 274aa
MICA*56 AY029762, AY029763 (AH010740) Q29983 1085pb 361aa
AF011886, AF011887, AF011888 (AH007185) 822pb 273aa
AF079419, AF079420, AF079421 (AH006332) 822pb 273aa
Y16803 822pb 273aa
AF097406 822pb 274aa
MICA*57 AF106647, AF106648, AF106649 (AH007477) Q29983 823pb 274aa
MICA*58 AJ580805 Q29983 954pb 318aa
MICA*59 AF411923, AF411924, AF411925 (AH011062) Q29983 822pb 274aa
MICA*60 AJ580806 Q29983 954pb 318aa
MICA*61 AF302792 Q9GJ32 279pb 93aa
MICA*62 AF303446 Q9GJ30 279pb 93aa
MICA*63 AF305055 Q9GJ27 279pb 93aa
MICA*64 AF305056 Q9GJ26 279pb 93aa
MICA*65 AY204547 Q860W3 1152pb 384aa
MICA*66 Y16811 Q29983 822pb 274aa
MICA*67 Y18113 Q9UE03 823pb 274aa
MICA*68 Y18114 Q9UE02 823pb 274aa
MICA*69 Y18115 Q9UE01 823pb 274aa
MICA*70 Y18116 Q9UE00 823pb 274aa
MICA*71 Y18117 Q9UDZ9 823pb 274aa
MICA*72 Y18118 Q9UDZ8 823pb 274aa
MICA*73 BC016929 Q29983 1149pb 383aa
MICA*74 AL645933 Q96QC4 996pb 332aa
MICA*75 EU369697 B0FZD0 1094pb 364aa
U69973 P79536 188pb 62aa
MICA*76 EU365393 B0FYL6 1094pb 364aa
MICA*77 EU365394 B0FYL7 1094pb 364aa
MICA*78 AJ871399 none 927pb 309aa
MICA*79 AM899996 Q29983 958pb 319aa
MICA*80 AM944063 Q29983 957pb 319aa
MICA*81 EU254723 Q29983 966pb 322aa
MICA*82 AY748458, AY748459, AY748460, AY748461 (AH014149) Q29983 969pb 323aa
MICA*83(1) U69631, U69968 Q9UMF1, P79531 undetermined undetermined
MICA*84(2) U69622, U69964 Q99691, P79527 undetermined undetermined
MICA*85 AK094237 none 261pb 87aa
MICA*86 AB088108 Q861I3 1178pb 359aa
MICA*87 AL669854 A2ACI4 1153pb 384aa
MICA*08 or *23 or *28 or *54 U69967 P79530 185pb 61aa
IMGT notes:
  1. (1) ORF due to one additional nucleotide at the center of the exon 5 leading to a STOP-CODON. Partial (5' part of EX4 missing).
  2. (2) ORF due to one additional nucleotide at the center of the exon 5 leading to a STOP-CODON. Partial (3' part of EX3 and 5' part of EX4 missing).
  3. (3) Partial (5' of EX4 missing).
  4. (4) Many TREMBL entries but no SWISS-PROT entry (13/06/2005). For retrieval of TREMBL entries, search ExPASy server with EMBL accession numbers (tables above).
  5. (5) This translation correspond to several allele at the nucleotide level.

Genomic sequence

Coding region sequence

The coding region (CODING-REGION) sequence starts from INIT-CODON (or its encoded amino acid) to STOP-CODON (not included).
The nucleotide sequence is extracted from cDNA (c) sequences and/or is built by artificial exon joining from genomic DNA (g) sequences. The amino acid sequence is the translation of the nucleotide sequence.

MICA*01: L14848(c)

Nucleotide sequence

1        atggggctgg gcccggtctt cctgcttctg gctggcatct tcccttttgc acctccggga

61       gctgctgctg agccccacag tcttcgttat aacctcacgg tgctgtcctg ggatggatct

121      gtgcagtcag ggtttctcac tgaggtacat ctggatggtc agcccttcct gcgctgtgac

181      aggcagaaat gcagggcaaa gccccaggga cagtgggcag aagatgtcct gggaaataag

241      acatgggaca gagagaccag agacttgaca gggaacggaa aggacctcag gatgaccctg

301      gctcatatca aggaccagaa agaaggcttg cattccctcc aggagattag ggtctgtgag

361      atccatgaag acaacagcac caggagctcc cagcatttct actacgatgg ggagctcttc

421      ctctcccaaa acctggagac taaggaatgg acaatgcccc agtcctccag agctcagacc

481      ttggccatga acgtcaggaa tttcttgaag gaagatgcca tgaagaccaa gacacactat

541      cacgctatgc atgcagactg cctgcaggaa ctacggcgat atctaaaatc cggcgtagtc

601      ctgaggagaa cagtgccccc catggtgaat gtcacccgca gcgaggcctc agagggcaac

661      attaccgtga catgcagggc ttctggcttc tatccctgga atatcacact gagctggcgt

721      caggatgggg tatctttgag ccacgacacc cagcagtggg gggatgtcct gcctgatggg

781      aatggaacct accagacctg ggtggccacc aggatttgcc aaggagagga gcagaggttc

841      acctgctaca tggaacacag cgggaatcac agcactcacc ctgtgccctc tgggaaagtg

901      ctggtgcttc agagtcattg gcagacattc catgtttctg ctgttgctgc tgctgctatt

961      tttgttatta ttattttcta tgtccgttgt tgtaagaaga aaacatcagc tgcagagggt

1021     ccagagctcg tgagcctgca ggtcctggat caacacccag ttgggacgag tgaccacagg

1081     gatgccacac agctcggatt tcagcctctg atgtcagatc ttgggtccac tggctccact

1141     gagggcgcct ag
Nucleotide sequence in FASTA format (without gaps) MICA*01

Amino acid sequence







Amino acid sequence in FASTA format (without gap) MICA*01