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Human (Homo sapiens) IGH orphons on chromosome 16 (16p11.2)

Human IGH orphons on chromosome 16 (16p11.2)

Colors are according to IMGT color menu.
The boxes representing the genes are not to scale. Exons are not shown.
A double slash // indicates a gap in genome assembly. Distances in bp (base pair) or in kb (kilobase) associated with a double slash are taken into account in the length of the lines and included in the numbers displayed at the right end of the lines.

The representation of the map is at the same scale as the major IGH locus.
ORPHONs are designated by a number for the subgroup followed by a slash, OR (for ORPHON), the chromosome number, a hyphen and a specific gene number.
Single arrows show genes whose polarity is opposite.
Only IG orphons are represented. Conventional genes are not indicated.


Human (Homo sapiens) IGH orphons on chromosome 16 (16p11.2) archive (01/02/2001-04/11/2020)

Human IGH orphons on chromosome 16 (16p11.2)

The genes displayed below the main line are located between the mapped genes (on the main line) but their distance to one or the other gene is unknown. The relative localization, orientation and centromeric-telomeric position of the isolated orphons and clusters are unknown.

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