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IGLL gene name IGLL allele name Fct Reference sequences Exons Genomic sequences cDNA  sequences Sequences from the literature
IGLL1 IGLL1*01 F 14.1 EX1   M27749 [1]c  
EX2   M27749 [1]c  
EX3   M27749 [1]c  
IGLL1*02 F   EX1 AP000345 [5](3) BC012293 [7]c [M34511][6]
EX2 AP000345 [5](3) BC012293 [7]c [M34512][6], [M12811][2](1)
EX3 AP000345 [5](3) BC012293 [7]c [M34513][6], [M12810][2](1)
IGLL1*03 F   EX1      
EX2 M34514 [6]    
EX3 M34516 [6]    
IGLL1*04 F   EX1      
EX2 M34517 [6]    
IGLL2 IGLL2*01 P(2) Flambda1 EX1   X52203 [3]c  
EX2   X52203 [3]c  
EX3   X52203 [3]c Flambda8[X52204][3]c, 16.2, Hu lambda-17 [L02326][4]
IGLL2*02 P(2)   EX1 AP000347 [5](4)    
EX2 AP000347 [5](4)    
EX3 AP000347 [5](4)    
IGLL3 IGLL3*01 F 16.1 EX1     [AL022324][8]
EX2 M12989 [2](1)   [AL022324][8]
EX3 M12988 [2](1)   [AL022324][8](5)
IGLL4 IGLL4*01 P Psi 18.1 EX1      
EX3 M12812 [2], X04458 [2]   [AC007050][9]
IGLL5 IGLL5*01 F   EX1 D87023 [12]   [M34515] [6], [M34518] [6], [X51755] [13], [BC012159] [11] (7), [AJ319671] [14] (7)
EX2 D87023 [12]   [X51755] [13]
EX3 D87023 [12]   [X51755] [13], [BC012159] [11] (7), [AJ319671] [14] (7)
IGLL5*02 [F] X6 EX1   AJ318021 [15] (6) X6, [AJ318022] [15] (6), [AJ319670] [14] (7)
EX2   AJ318021 [15] (6) X6, [AJ318022] [15] (6)
EX3   AJ318021 [15] (6) X6, [AJ318022] [15] (6), [AJ319670] [14] (7)
IMGT notes:
(1) Partial sequence.
(2) IGLL2 is a Pseudogene, because of one nucleotide DELETION in EX3 (codon at positon 28 according to the IMGT numbering for C-DOMAIN and C-LIKE-DOMAIN) leading to a frameshift.
(3) The sequence from AP000345 (IGLL1*02) is in complementary inverted orientation in the flat file. Note that IGLL1*02 only differs from IGLL1*01 by a single nucleotide difference in EX3 at position 60 (according to the IMGT numbering for C-DOMAIN and C-LIKE-DOMAIN).
(4) The sequence from AP000347 (IGLL2*02) is in complementary inverted orientation in the flat file.
(5) The two nucleotide inversions in EX3 are probably typing or sequencing errors.
(6) EX2 includes IGLJ1*01, its recombination signal and an additional region in 5', the length of which (53 or 56 nucleotides) depends on an alternative splicing, as shown by AJ318021 and AJ318022: the two sequences differ by one additional 'cag' in AJ318021. EX3 corresponds to IGLC1*02. Steril (germline) transcript (spliced or unspliced) of IGLJ1-IGLC1 are identical to IGLL5 transcript (spliced or unspliced respectively).
(7) Unproductive transcripts have been found. They result from a splicing between EX1 and EX3. Such a splicing leads to a frameshift as the DONOR-SPLICE of EX1 and the ACCEPTOR-SPLICE of EX3 are not in the same frame.
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